Do the Kids Know What to Do if They Get Lost?

Safety Information Every Child Should Know We have been recommending child ID safety tags for kids. In case the child you care for is lost or injured in an accident, safety tattoos, bracelets, and tags can be the vital link to quickly reunite you. Sunday we recommended Who’s Shoes Child ID Tags, last week we […]

Which is More Important To You – Your Child or Your Pet?

Child ID Challenge Mission Which is more important to you – your child or your pet? Strange question? Not really, when you consider these statistics: * 60,000 pets are reported lost or stolen each year and 90-percent wear ID* 700,000 children – more than one each minute – are reported lost for more than one-hour […]


Products Nannies Love As nannies, au pairs, and their charges are venturing out to amusement parks, playgrounds, and zoos there’s no better time to disucss keeping tabs on kids in public places. Last week we recommended Tig Tagz a bracelet for children to wear with important information on it case you lose track of a […]

Have You Ever Lost a Child in Your Care?

Tig Tagz: Products Nannies Love There is nothing more scary than losing a child in a public place. So, a mother developed Tig Tagz little disposable bracelets for kids that carry important information on them. You can order these adorable wristbands with customized information or blank to be filled out at home. They are weather […]