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As nannies, au pairs, and their charges are venturing out to amusement parks, playgrounds, and zoos there’s no better time to disucss keeping tabs on kids in public places. Last week we recommended Tig Tagz a bracelet for children to wear with important information on it case you lose track of a child in your care.

This week we also recommend another great product SafetyTat Child ID Safety Tattoos invented by a Baltimore Mom of three kids.

Safety Tattoos can be customized with your personal cell phone number on it. They are easy and fast to apply and will stay on for up to five days (don’t worry it’s easy to remove the same day too). You just apply some water and press on the child’s skin, just as you would a fake kid tattoo. It easily removes with baby oil.

The Original SafetyTat comes with either one or two lines of information (you choose), and you can get them with pictures a boy or girl, dinosaur, butterfly, or several different options.

The Quick Stick Write-on! Child ID Tattoos are great if you care for a child that has food allergies or medical issues these are perfect to let others know. You can write any emergency information on with the included waterproof pen. These tattoos will last up to two weeks.

Removal is easy: you lift the edge of the tattoo with a fingernail and it peels off just like a bandage. The tattoo is made of materials that are hypoallergenic and skin safe.


  1. THX you are such a great resource. I truly need a product like this!

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