How Nannies Can Help Kids Get Ready for Mother’s Day

Flowers are a traditional gift for any occasion and are always great for Mother’s Day! Nannies commonly help their charges paint some inexpensive terra cotta pots for the mother to put some plants in.
Here is a link for a Family Tree you can help the kids make as a great Mother’s Day gift from the kids too.

Here are some fun games to play for Mother’s Day!

How Much Do You Know About Your Mother?

You might have to play this on Mother’s Day when you have enough mothers and children available. But, see if the kids can answer the questions below about their mother before Mother’s Day.

Divide into four mother/child teams.
Ask the mothers to leave the room while the children sit in chairs.
Ask the same four or five questions to each child about their mothers.
Bring in the mothers and ask them the same questions.
Will the mother and child have the same answers?
Switch places and see how well the mother’s know the children.
Award a red carnation to the winning mother/child team.
Question Ideas:

What is your mother’s favorite: color, movie, dress, animal, memorable moment with you, best friend, hobby, talent, food, animal, cartoon, pizza topping, ice cream topping, or restaurant? What was your mother’s most embarrassing moment? What is your mother’s favorite holiday?

Mother May I?
This game is similar to Simon Says, where the person giving the command also has to give permission to carry it out.

Children listen carefully and ask, “Mother, may I?”
The response must be, “Yes you may.”
If the response is only, “Yes,” then the person may not carry out the task.
A variation of this game is Giant Steps.
The mother stands at a distance from the other players who are lined up.
The mother calls out the name of each student before giving a specific command (“Jimmy, you may take three giant steps,” or “Bertina, you may take one baby step”).
Students have to say “Mother, may I?” before they show any movement of their body.
The group will get closer and closer to the mother.
The one who finally gets close enough to touch the mother becomes the next mother.
The game begins all over again.

Excerpted from Multicultural Discovery Activities for the Elementary Grades


  1. From Our Facebook Page:Debbie Thomas IF I have time to go to store today a card. Had not time to make gifts with the kids :(Samantha Leclaire Had her color a card that said happy mothers day I love you then took her handprints glued them to popsicle sticks and stuck them in a vase with some flowers.Lisa Werth I helped the girls make gifts, there was leftover white tile here, so they painted them and I glued beads on the four corners for trivets. They also made cards, and they are using their bedroom cleaning up stickers toward flowers for the deck boxes. As for me probably some gift certificate.Sarah Mather Well since it been a little crazy in the house with three kids not sure but i know it will be late. Darlene Reynolds Cut out rose templates and glued a dozen fave pics on them after baby colored them with markers. Helped her paint pot and bought styrofoam ball. Glued laminated flower to green popsicle sticks in foam. Adding a poem on flower pot. Made this before but never had the poem. But thanks to a friend nanny I do now. Happy Mothers day!Amanda Made stepping stones with the 2 boys and the dogs footprints. Also mom had to go out of town and I have been overnight for 3 nights so I worked with the baby to sleep through the night-success so far.3 hours ago.Mallette Parry the 5 and almost 3 drew a picture of them and mom. put in picture frame, painted it white. the baby i did footprints. each has a saying. Suzanne Boisseau photo collage of pics I take of the two boys (do this every year, nice to see how they have changed), boys made poster and helped dip strawberries into chocolate for chocolate covered strawberries, my little one sprinkled raspberries to the pretty plate of strawberries too. :)lChristine Whysong well i just started this week but we r going to make cup cakes and a little craft we will see what we can find at hobby lobby today

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