Have You Ever Lost a Child in Your Care?

Tig Tagz: Products Nannies Love

There is nothing more scary than losing a child in a public place. So, a mother developed Tig Tagz little disposable bracelets for kids that carry important information on them.

You can order these adorable wristbands with customized information or blank to be filled out at home. They are weather resistant, tear proof, and sweat proof. You can add your cell phone number, name, medical information, or allergies on the wristbands.

Since safety is a nannies top priority, you will feel much more confident knowing that your charges have valuable information right on their precious little bodies.

Visit Tig Tagz to order.


  1. Great idea- especailly for a child who tends to wondor and can't clearly communicate.I've only lost my charge once at a crowded indoor playplace, and it was sheer panic until I found her.She ran off with another child to another part. I made it a huge point to tell her she needed to stay in this one part and if she wanted to go someplace else, she just had to come and tell me first.Now if we go to a crowded place I dress her in bright colors. And I try to wear the same color shirt- so we can easily spot each other.It's also a good idea to write a contact number inside the child's shoe. So if they get lost, they just have to ask for the number inside of their shoe to be called.

  2. I will definitely be sharing this with my friends! Great!

  3. Anonymous, that's happened to me too. They are too young to actually understand how important it is to see us. They are concentrating on having fun. Tweens are like that too. They care more about friends and fun and not safety. Love this idea too!

  4. "wander" not "wondor" anonymous

  5. Bring along a way to communicate with the kids. You can give older siblings a cellphone. Younger kids can carry walkie-talkies to keep in touch with you should they get lost. Show them how to use it and explain that it is not a toy. Write their name and your cell phone number on a sticker on their shirt works too.

  6. Anonymous-thank you for the correct spelling.I have an accent and when I say it, it does come out sounding more like wondor.

  7. You shouldn't be thanking the person who corrected your spelling! They were rude! I'm so glad to hear your story. Glad for hearing about this product too right before summer when we'll be going out a lot!

  8. Tobago Nanny, I don't take offense to someone correcting my spelling, but I do hope they understand that if they were trying to speak and spell in my native tounge they most likely would be making the same errors.

  9. I will definitely be sharing this with my friends! Great!

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