Nanny May To-Do List

Use Your Head, Not Your Heart

Consider Before You Buy

I keep finding nanny friends over-buying. They don’t have the same income as their employers, yet some seem to covet what the parents who hire them have. Buying what you do not need is never a good deal. Do not buy emotionally. You know the drill: Use your head, not your heart.

Say NO to celebrity endorsements: Endorsers endorse because they are paid to endorse a product or service. Do not buy a Chrysler because you like Eminem’s music; do not buy M&Ms because you like cartoon characters.

Say NO to infomercials: The cost of the infomercial is included in the price you pay for the goods. The service or product can almost certainly can be found cheaper elsewhere.

Say NO to “BOGO” or “Just Pay Shipping and Handling”: Not a bargain here. You are either paying too much for the initial purchase or the product is worth less than the s&h.

Say NO to “New and Improved”: Maybe the claims are true but if you do not need it, don’t buy it.

Say NO to “No returns”: If the sale is final and there is a no (or very time limited) refund policy, be very careful, especially when buying online.

Say NO to cheapest is always best: Sometimes, but not when the product impacts health. Cheap shoes and cheap mattresses are not money savers in the long run. Either can negatively impact health. Good shoes, good mattresses, high quality paint, utensils and tools are wise investments.

Say NO to catchy jingles: When advertisers have nothing to say, they say it with a song. Do not let a tune sway a buying choice.

Caution: Discount stores and discount sites: Do not be swayed by reputation. The site or store must earn your money at each purchase. Comparison shop.

Say YES to An essential site if you buy online.

Say YES to comparison shopping: Many sites make your research easy.

Say YES to buying out-of-season: Buying off-season, when items are on sale, can save money, especially if you are not committed to the latest fashions.

Say YES to used, refurbished, and auction sites: Non-traditional sources may have the best prices and selections. Don’t be wed to any one merchant.

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