Do the Kids Know What to Do if They Get Lost?

Safety Information Every Child Should Know

We have been recommending child ID safety tags for kids. In case the child you care for is lost or injured in an accident, safety tattoos, bracelets, and tags can be the vital link to quickly reunite you.

Sunday we recommended Who’s Shoes Child ID Tags, last week we reviewed Safety Tat Child ID Tattoos, and Tig Tagz identification bracelets the week before that.

Ask the children in your care the following questions. See if they can answer them quickly and completely without prompting from you. The information asked for below is information that would be critical in an emergency situation. After the quiz, review the questions and answers with the children.

1. What is your Mom’s and Dad’s and your nanny’s or au pair’s name?
2. What number(s) do you call to contact them?
3. Who should you call in an emergency if your parents are gone? (Full name)
4. What is your home phone number?
5. What is your home address?
6. What is the name of the place your parents work?
7. What is the name of your school / daycare?
8. Do you know what number to dial in an emergency?
9. Do you have any allergies or medicines you take on a regular basis?
10. Who are “Good Strangers” to talk to in an emergency?

1. What is your Step-mother’s name?
2. What is your Step-father’s name?
3. What is your Grandmother’s name?
4. What is your Grandfather’s name?
5. What is your Mother’s, Father’s home phone number?
6. What is your Grandparent’s home phone number?
7. What is your Mother’s cell phone number?
8. What is your Father’s cell phone number?
9. Does your Mother or Father have a pager?
10. What is their pager number?
11. Do you know how to page them?
12. What is your Mother’s work number?
13. What is your Father’s work number?
14. What is the location of their work? (What branch or area of town)
15. What days and hours are they gone to work?
16. What is your Mother’s home address?
17. What is your Father’s home address?
18. Who is and where is a safe house in your neighborhood?
19. What is the name of your after-school program?
20. Who takes you to school and who picks you up?


  1. OK point well taken too much info to remember for even middle school aged children! Will purchase ID tags!

  2. I spoke to the kids and they want the bracelets even the older child 10 yr old!

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