Have You Ever Lost a Child at an Amusement Park?

What to do if You Lose Sight of a Child at an Amusement Park

1. Before you go, explain to the children what they should do if they get separated at any time from you. Typically they should stay put. Never run. Their nanny or parents will retrace their steps and look for you where they have already been. Attach identification to children that cannot remember your phone number. We recommend using: Who’s Shoes Child ID Tags, Safety Tat Child ID Tattoos, or Tig Tagz identification bracelets.

2. Although kids should stay-put, they should try to tell a uniformed park employee and explain to them that they have been parted from their group. Make it clear that it is NOT okay to ask or follow strangers for help, even if they do look friendly. Have them explain to the employee (or security officer) their name, your names and where they got lost.

3. Use your camera or cell phone and take a picture of the children when you arrive at the park. This way you will have a current picture with you.

4. Make sure everyone in your group, including parents and older siblings, are wearing the same bright, recognizable clothing. Bold orange or yellow shirts will work fine for this purpose. Avoid wearing dark colors as these will make you and your children blend in easily with the crowd, and avoid putting your child’s name on it. This will make it easy for strangers to call them out and take your child with them.

5. Bring along a way to communicate with the kids. You can give older siblings a cell phone (just make sure they know your number). Younger kids can benefit from the use of a walkie-talkie to keep in touch with you should they get lost. Show them how to use it and explain that it is not a toy, but a way to reunite if you do get separated.

6. Amusement park entrances are not a good idea to select as a place to reunite.Find a place to designate as your ‘meeting spot’ if someone from the group is separated, once you arrive at the amusement park. Crowded, commonly designated areas like the front gates of the park or at a bench next to a popular attraction are not good meeting spaces as they will be very crowded at all times of the day and relatively unsafe for a young child to be sitting at alone. Instead, choose a less popular area to meet up, like at the security booth or next to the restaurant where you plan to eat. This will make it easier to find a lost child.

7. Remember to stay together at all times. You probably won’t mind letting older kids go off on their own for a while (as long as they keep in touch via cell phone), but younger children should hold your hand and stay with you as you walk through the park. Keep a firm grip to prevent your child from slipping away. In especially large, crowded amusement parks (i.e. Walt Disney World), it might be better to safely fasten your child in a stroller or carrier instead of allowing them to walk, lessening the chances of being separated.

8. Don’t panic, in the event that a child does get lost or separated. This may sound like a cliché that is sometimes impossible to remember, but if you panic you are only worsening the situation.
9. Stay collected and focused on what you need to do next. Also, keep in mind that the child may not really be lost. They may have simply slipped out of your grip and are following behind, or are stopping to look at something. If you have looked everywhere around you and absolutely cannot find them, continue to the next step.

10. Find the nearest employee or security officer, and explain that the child is lost. They will radio the security office to inform them that there is a lost child in the park.

11. Give the employee or officer a complete description of the child: what he or she looks like, what he or she is wearing, etc. This will make it easier for them to locate the child. Tell them if there is a specific area that the child might be likely to go to, such as a favorite ride or activity, or a pre-arranged meeting location.

12. Cooperate with the park security. Panicking or disagreeing with the security may land you in more frustration than you are in already. They are experienced professionals trained to deal with this type of situation. In fact, they see similar situations hundreds of times a year.

13. Stay where you are, unless the park security instructs you otherwise. The child may be nearby, just hidden in the crowd, and will most likely come back to you if they see where you are.

14. Check the park’s Lost & Found center, and see if you can find the child or young group member there. Many amusement parks have stations like these where employees who find lost children take them. There are usually some activities there to keep your child occupied until they can be reunited with you/their group. In most cases, your lost child or group member will be found by now if you have given the security a good description of them. If hours pass and your child is still not found, they will contact the local authorities.

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  1. My rule, to teach children as young as two, to do if they can't see me is: " Sit and Yell". I will come find you!

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