Take the Be the Best Nanny Newsletter Survey

Nannies, Children, TV, Social Media, and Video Games Click here to take the Winter 2013 Be the Best Nanny Newsletter Survey1. Do you text or email the parents to keep in touch with them during the work day? 2. Do your employers provide you with a mobile phone for work? 3. Are you allowed to […]

Casey Anthony, Morality, and the Nanny: Where Was Casey Anthony’s Moral Compass?

Do you teach morals differently to boys than girls? The Casey Anthony trial (and surprising verdict) prompted me to reflect on the way nannies influence the morals of their charges. It brought up other thoughts too. For example, when I heard that Casey never reported her daughter missing, (but it was her mother who reported her missing […]

Beware of the Queen of Talk

You Can’t Believe Everything You See on TV. Daytime talk shows are the staple and most influential genre of daytime television. But, beware of what you view on TV, because not everything televised is true. Talk shows are not unbiased documentaries of objective journalism. The guests often appear to promote their products making the show […]

The Electronic Babysitter

How Au Pairs and Nannies Can Monitor Proper Television Viewing For Children Television can have positive effects on children if we use programs to educate. Parents, nannies, and au pairs can tape videos of programs that tie into the children’s school lessons, interests, or hobbies. For example, adults should tape a show on dinosaurs or […]

Daytime TV for Nannies and Au Pairs

The News, The Noise, The Courts, The SoapsChildren have trouble separating fantasy and reality. For example, in a television show the actors are not really hitting one another. They are acting and they aren’t even bruised or bleeding. In real life getting hit is an awful experience. Courts are convened to rend a legal opinion. […]

Should Nannies and Au Pairs Allow Children to Watch Game Shows and Situation Comedies?

Daytime television is filled with game shows and with reruns of syndicated situation comedies. Most adults assume there is no harm if nannies, au pairs, and kids watch “Seinfeld” or “The Price is Right.” Right? Wrong. Children are tough and resilient. Seldom are there single events that shape their perspective of life, rather, a culmination […]

Violence in the Media

Nannies and Au Pairs Must Monitor Media for Children Television, movies, magazines, newspapers, radio, music videos, video games, and the Internet are strong influences on children. Modern media technology greatly improves our lives with immediate access to news throughout the entire world, as well as educating us to other opinions, and our total learning. But, […]

"…after these messages."

Effect of TV Commercials on ChildrenThe most dangerous words your charges will ever hear broad-casted on the television are, “We will return after these messages.” The “messages” are not benign sources of information intended to benefit your life or the life of your charges. Advertisements, marketing companies, and sales pitches take up one-fifth of most […]

Television: Here, There, Everywhere

Daytime TV and the NannyTelevision is so pervasive, easy to use, and always available. It has expanded from the living room and recreation room, to the bedroom, kitchen, and even the bathroom. The television is in grocery stores, cars, and waiting rooms. Television is here, there, and everywhere. But, should nannies and au pairs turn […]