Mandated Reporter or Tattle Tale?

Have You Ever Reported Unethical Behavior of Another Caregiver? We all know that as nannies, we are Mandated Reporters and are required to report neglect and/or abuse of children, as should every adult over the age of 18. From a distance we all want to protect children and say we would report suspected neglect or abuse of children […]

How Nannies Should Report Child Abuse or Mistreatment

Have You Ever Suspected a Child You Knew Was Being Abused, Neglected, or Mistreated? Our New Year’s Resolution for nannies is to Be the One to protect children. If you suspect a child (any child) may be abused or neglected, nannies should discuss their concerns with a the children’s teacher, doctor, and law enforcement for […]

The Nanny’s Dilemma: When to Report or Not to Report Child Abuse?

Would You Be Strong Enough to Be the One Who Starts the Process That Separates a Parent and Child? In most states, the nanny is legally a Mandatory Reporter. That is, the nanny must report abuse or suspected abuse with no fear of legal liability. However, states provide little or no training for nannies regarding what is abuse or […]

"Predictable" Consequences of Abuse

For our New Year’s Resolution we have asked nannies to Be the One to protect children. Recent well-publicized events have focused attention on sexual abuse of children by trusted adults. The disgust accompanying these reports tend to overlook the problems and pain of physical and verbal abuse. While the reactions of any sort of abuse cannot […]

In the New Year, Be the One…

You Can Be the One to Help a Child We like the first column of each month to focus on an easy-to-implement, yet important, issue to nannies, which we call our To-Do list. Due to the timeliness and seriousness of the Penn State scandal, we decided to discuss the topic of being mandated reporters as the most […]

Proposed “Caylee’s Law”

Will You Sign to Make it a Felony for a Parent Not to Report a Death of a Child? An online petition site has been inundated with people wanting to show their support for ‘Caylee’s Law’, which would make it a felony for parents not to report the death of a child to law enforcement […]

Casey Anthony, Morality, and the Nanny: Where Was Casey Anthony’s Moral Compass?

Do you teach morals differently to boys than girls? The Casey Anthony trial (and surprising verdict) prompted me to reflect on the way nannies influence the morals of their charges. It brought up other thoughts too. For example, when I heard that Casey never reported her daughter missing, (but it was her mother who reported her missing […]