How Nannies Should Report Child Abuse or Mistreatment

Have You Ever Suspected a Child You Knew Was Being Abused, Neglected, or Mistreated? Our New Year’s Resolution for nannies is to Be the One to protect children. If you suspect a child (any child) may be abused or neglected, nannies should discuss their concerns with a the children’s teacher, doctor, and law enforcement for […]

The Nanny’s Dilemma: When to Report or Not to Report Child Abuse?

Would You Be Strong Enough to Be the One Who Starts the Process That Separates a Parent and Child? In most states, the nanny is legally a Mandatory Reporter. That is, the nanny must report abuse or suspected abuse with no fear of legal liability. However, states provide little or no training for nannies regarding what is abuse or […]

Be the One to Protect a Child

“Unpredictable” Consequences of Abuse Our New Year’s Resolution for all nannies is to Be the One to protect a child, any child. This year, nannies should be heroes for all children. Due to the Penn State scandal we posted the predictable signs of abuse of a child. But, there can be a huge difference between […]