The Nanny’s Dilemma: When to Report or Not to Report Child Abuse?

Would You Be Strong Enough to Be the One Who Starts the Process That Separates a Parent and Child? In most states, the nanny is legally a Mandatory Reporter. That is, the nanny must report abuse or suspected abuse with no fear of legal liability. However, states provide little or no training for nannies regarding what is abuse or […]

Be the One to Protect a Child

“Unpredictable” Consequences of Abuse Our New Year’s Resolution for all nannies is to Be the One to protect a child, any child. This year, nannies should be heroes for all children. Due to the Penn State scandal we posted the predictable signs of abuse of a child. But, there can be a huge difference between […]

"Predictable" Consequences of Abuse

For our New Year’s Resolution we have asked nannies to Be the One to protect children. Recent well-publicized events have focused attention on sexual abuse of children by trusted adults. The disgust accompanying these reports tend to overlook the problems and pain of physical and verbal abuse. While the reactions of any sort of abuse cannot […]

In the New Year, Be the One…

You Can Be the One to Help a Child We like the first column of each month to focus on an easy-to-implement, yet important, issue to nannies, which we call our To-Do list. Due to the timeliness and seriousness of the Penn State scandal, we decided to discuss the topic of being mandated reporters as the most […]

One-Third of Girls and One in Six Boys Will Be Molested

My Body Belongs to Me by Jill Starishevsky Over the past week there has been tons of media coverage about sexual harassment and sexual assault. Plus, a new survey and a report shows half to 80% of middle school and high school students feel they have been sexually harassed. That’s why for this Weekly Trip to the Library […]

Are You Shocked By the Penn State Riots? Why Aren’t Students Rioting in Support of Boys That Were Abused?

How Nannies and Parents Should Talk to Kids About Sexual Harassment This week we have been discussing sexual harassment. Sadly, half to 80% of middle school and high school students say they have been sexually harassed. This is also a current topic for a presidential candidate. Plus, a sex scandal rocks Penn State as a former […]

Half to 80% of Middle School and High School Students Have Been Sexually Harassed

Are Your Charges’ Use of Electronic Communication Being Monitored? Not all sexual harassment occurs in the school hallways. Survey shows that children feel sexually harassed by text, email, Facebook, or other electronic means as well.   Sexual harassment is part of everyday life in middle and high schools, affecting nearly half of all students, according to […]

Do You Know a Nanny that Has Been Sexually Harassed?

Sexual Harassment and You The recent revelations about presidential candidate Herman Cain and accusations by four women of sexual harassment by him reminded me of the poor understanding most nannies have of what actions constitute harassment. The focus by the media is usually on physical sexual contact. But, any unwelcome sexual activity or unnecessary or […]

Have You Ever Experienced Sexual Harrassment at Work?

Workers have the right to be free from sexual harassment at work. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission defines sexual harassment as unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature. Sexual harassment is a violation of the 1964 Civil Rights Act. Under the Civil Rights Act of […]