In the New Year, Be the One…

You Can Be the One to Help a Child

We like the first column of each month to focus on an easy-to-implement, yet important, issue to nannies, which we call our To-Do list. Due to the timeliness and seriousness of the Penn State scandal, we decided to discuss the topic of being mandated reporters as the most important topic for nannies in this New Year. As nannies we have a duty to protect and help all children (not just our charges). As part of your New Year’s Resolutions we hope you commit to being the one…

1. Be the one your charge, or other kids, can turn to when there is a problem, a worry or a concern.

2. Be the one who has good judgment but is non-judgmental.

3. Be the one who can keep a secret but know when to seek help.

4. Be the one who knows when to offer unsolicited advice to allay anxiety yet be a confidante and advisor.

5. Be the one who is the defender, protector, and advocate for your charge, or others, against sexual, physical or verbal abuse.

6. Be the one who your charges and employer knows is trusted, respected, and dependable.

7. Be the one whose mere presence empowers your charges to act on their own behalf if they perceive a problem.


  1. BE the one that knows there is mandated reporter training all over the place, from your own communities and states to online sites.BE the one who has the confidence and courage to know that you can do this!!!

  2. Sad commentary on the values of our society that underpaid nannies are legally bound to report abuse while highly paid ESPN reporters can hide evidence of abuse for years with no penalty. Nannies are the heroes, sports journalists the enablers.

  3. It's good advice but it worries me that if we report a good parent or family it can ruin their family. I don't think we should just report adults for neglect or abuse if we aren't really scared it's happening to a child. In Penn State the assitant coach saw it happen he had to go to police. Had he not seen it or heard about it then he shouldn't report it because no one wants to report someone if it isn't true and you can ruin their life.

  4. Anonymous I disagree with your thoughts. I don't think any nanny would report a parent or anyone else to police without much thought. The problem is not enough nannies are reporting abuse and neglect, not too many reporting it. I can't imagine it would be an easy decision for anyone. I think this new year's resolution is great and all adults, no matter their profession, must protect children.

  5. I hope all nannies and au pairs take a few seconds to read this. Very important advice this new year. Thank you.

  6. Luv this newsletter!

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