Proposed “Caylee’s Law”

Will You Sign to Make it a Felony for a Parent Not to Report a Death of a Child?

An online petition site has been inundated with people wanting to show their support for ‘Caylee’s Law’, which would make it a felony for parents not to report the death of a child to law enforcement within an hour of discovering the incident, or within 24 hours in the case of child disappearance.

According to The Wall Street Journal,  people across the country have signed onto a virtual campaign calling for a new federal law that would make it a felony for parents not to alert police over a missing child within a reasonable amount of time. At time of this post there are already more than 418,000 people who have signed the online petition.

Will you sign the Caylee’s Law petition?


  1. Done! Thank you for the link!

  2. can't wait to see the trail of civil lawsuits come out against her now. She defamed her father and brother of molesting her and she defamed her boyfriends too! Can you imagine blaming your own father?

  3. Duh any adult should be criminally negligent if they aren't a mandated reporter or report a child missing within 24 hours. Next problem, what about parents leaving kids alone! That's criminal too!

  4. I will sign it! So unbelievable. Scott Peterson was convicted with FAR less evidence. I just can't believe who write bad checks can be in jail for decades and she goes free? This idea of making not reporting a missing child a felony is brilliant.

  5. Yes! Anything that has to do with a welfare of a child I will sign.

  6. Imagine anyone you know going shopping or going partying while their child is missing? Doesn't fit! This law should have been passed long ago, just who would ever not report their kid missing (the killer of course).

  7. Done it's signed

  8. Sometimes I love the internet it's up to 487,552 people signed the petition that's 69,000 signatures in less than 4 hours!

  9. The jury misunderstood the definition of "reasonable doubt." It doesn't mean 100% proof needed and circumstancial evidence can be as good as scientific evidence. I will sign the petition.

  10. This is a better way to cope with the anger of the verdict. We shouldn't hate the jurors they gave service + were told what to do + followed instructions. The flaw is in the law + a "caseys law" makes sense to prevent this from happening again. Karmas a bitch + she will get hers.. You can't be this selfish + morally devoid + not get in trouble again. Her parents should NOT welcome her home!

  11. up to 601,000+

  12. Last night I was thinking of all then man hours that went into searching for that little girl, while all along her mother knew where she was. Who pays for all those law enforcement resources, the posters, and on and on. She should be in prison for the amount of time lost when each of the police on others could be working on other crimes, she should be made to pay restitution for all the search costs. etc.This would also send a message to anyone who does a similiar stunt of not reporting. AND the sentence can't be a slap on the wrist.

  13. This is a good thing come from a terrible situation. Casey will have a terrible life because we all hate her so much. Now they will need to spend a fortune for her safety to keep her safe, a waste of our money too.

  14. Over one million signatures! Keep sharing the link!

  15. Signed. It's just so unfortunate that there wasn't such a law on the books when Caylee disappeared.

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