I’m Bored! Take a Hike, Have a Scavenger Hunt

Weekly Trip to the Library for Nannies and Au Pairs: “I’m Bored!” by Suzy Barratt and Polly Beard

I’m Bored: Over 100 Inspiring & Imaginative Ideas for Hours of Fun With Your Kids is a detailed guide to more than a hundred games, all of which could be played using day-to-day household items. The book is conveniently divided into games suitable for indoors, outdoors, journeys, and beaches.
One activity I love doing from this book is taking a hike with kids. While on the hike, have a scavenger hunt. Bring bags and jars for the children to collect items such as: a red leaf, an acorn, a pine cone, a berry, a feather, a curved stick, a caterpillar, a ladybug, an ant, and a dandelion.  Click here for a hike scavenger hunt inspired by the author of this book.
For older children, bring crayons, paper, or water colors to sketch or paint interesting flora and fauna. Collect flowers for drying and pressing later.
This book will inspire you to play new games, old games, games you remember from your own childhood, and provides fun activities to do with the kids this summer. The illustrations allow young children to look through the book so they can decide what they want to play.


  1. I like using all the activities from ur newsletter over the yrs. The kids like it when u take the time to do any new activity, esp learning ones. They love trying anything new.

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