Do You Work for a Family That Has a Pool?

Products Nannies and Au Pairs Love: Safety Turtle Child Immersion Alarm
There’s nothing more frightening than a child wandering off and falling into a pool or body of water. That’s why we really love the Safety Turtle Wristband It’s an ingenious wireless wristband that sounds an alarm at a wireless base-station receiver the instant a child falls or ventures into water. The receiver has a range of up to 200 feet. Of course you must follow all pool and water safety tips as this wristband is meant as the last layer of protection for a family with a pool.

The Child Immersion Alarm may also be used in conjunction with the Safety Turtle GA101R Wireless Gate Alarmwhich helps enhance the security of a safety fence. The Wireless Gate Alarm will work with the same Base Station.


  1. The family I work for just bought a home with a pool. I am very scared!

  2. The family I work for just bought a home with a pool. I am very scared!

  3. Anonynous, do you swim? Or do your bosses? Are you current on CPR/First Aid? Take an American Red Cross Basic Water Safety Certification course. I did this at a nanny retreat a few years ago even. I have an article at Enannysource on nannies and pools. Learn what options there are out there to be safe. As a nanny I have had to go into a pool to pull a child out.

  4. I am CPR/First Aid certified and WAS even a lifegaurd more than 10 yrs ago. It's just such a huge responsibility and safety issue. The pool hasn't any fence around it yet. They will remedy that next year they said. What about this year?

  5. My former bosses had a pool and didn't have the fences on part of the backyard after they got their pool. The neighnors complained about it to them, and I heard through the grapevine that someone even reported them into their city for being in violation of an ordinance regarding it. Do you know what rules are for you area? Maybe do an anonymous tip?

  6. Sherri:Does a Community Pool count? My current family's community pool is almost in their back yard, only a half a block over. I have had 3 previous families that have had pools also. My charges have either have been not walking or to young to be anywhere without me; never seen/heard of this band before, but really cool!! ALL of my families have had baby pool gates, entire screens around the pool. They were never left open on my watch and I would close them upon arriving to work on a few ocassions. Currently you have to have a pass remote to get and to get out; I have seen several small children try to get out while waiting for their families to gather there belongings; I like the lock system. I live in FL where there are sadly to many drownings of under 2 age children.Stephanie:LOL Sherri I think so since the safety wristband is made for kids near any body of water, not just their home pool.Jessica:My current family just bought a house because it was one of few in their neighborhood that does NOT have a pool. The mom was pregnant when they bought the house and she was pretty adamant about not having a pool. But she doesn't oppose us going to a pool.Jamie:I love love love your product reviews and comments! So helpful.

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