When Does Personal Cell Phone Use and Texting Become Too Much on the Job?

27 Nanny Industry Experts Say Limit Personal Cell Phone Use and Texting at Work   Earlier this week we asked nannies and au pairs if they text or gossip on Facebook when they are working? We also challenged nannies and au pairs to put their cell phones down just for a day, or maybe a week, even an entire month! […]

Do You Text or Visit Facebook at Work?

AUGUST TO-DO LIST Technology is Best When Invisible, But You are Best When Visible! Last week while at the pool a local nanny was texting while her three-year old charge was swimming in the baby pool. The boy then ran to the bathroom, then to the snack bar, without the nanny realizing he had left the […]

How to Find a Job on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and Other Social Networks

Weekly Trip to the Library For two weeks we discussed many ways for nannies to market themselves and to find a great job even in a tough economy. Click here to see the start the series. The October, 2010 Be the Best Nanny Newsletter survey shows that nannies find jobs on nanny web sites more […]