How to Find a Job on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and Other Social Networks

Weekly Trip to the Library

For two weeks we discussed many ways for nannies to market themselves and to find a great job even in a tough economy. Click here to see the start the series.

The October, 2010 Be the Best Nanny Newsletter survey shows that nannies find jobs on nanny web sites more than any other method (a big change from just three-years ago).

In fact, 20% of nanny placement agencies that took our original poll in 2007 have closed. With less nanny placement agencies and more nannies using the Internet to find jobs it’s only natural they start using social networks to find jobs too.

Our poll shows clearly that classifieds are OUT. It’s time to LINK IN! Finding the job of your dreams the old way just doesn’t happen anymore. If you want great pay, great benefits, and great satisfaction in your career, you must begin social networking.

How to Find a Job on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and Other Social Networks by Brad Schepp and Debra Schepp

This book shows how each of the major social networks works and how you can make the most of these networks to get a job.

The three most talked about social media sites are LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. They are each very different and have their own benefits when it comes to searching for a job.

Mailing a resume and hoping for the best simply puts your fate in the hands of others. To stay in the running, you have to take control by keeping your information fresh and current —i n real time. Online social networking is the only way to go, and this forward-looking guide is the best way to get there.

Next week we will discuss each of these three individually in our blog series about using social media to find a nanny job.
Table of Contents
Pt. I Getting Linkedln 1
Ch. 1 Putting the Work in Social Networking 3
Ch. 2 Create Your Best Profile 29
Ch. 3 Build and Work Your Linkedln Network 57
Ch. 4 Use Linkedln to Job Hunt 83
Ch. 5 Questions? Linkedln Has Answers. Answers? Linkedln Has Questions 107
Pt. 2 Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Plaxo and Beyond 147
Ch. 7 Facebook: For College Kids and Their Parents, Too 149
Ch. 8 Twitter Your Way to that New Job 169
Ch. 9 MySpace Can Be a Showcase for Your Skills 189
Ch. 10 Plaxo and Other Social Networks 203
Index 225

If you have a book you would like us to review please email us your suggestion. Don’t forget to stop by next week for another Weekly Trip to the Library.


  1. I guess I understand the concept because nanny agencies post jobs on Facebook and then you can contact them.

  2. This is an interesting point. I have heard agency owners complain about nanny agencies posting jobs on social media networks. But it makes perfect sense. I see them do it all the time on twitter and facebook. I can't wait to see the information next week. What a great resource all the time. Always thinking outside the box.

  3. Even on an online nanny site I found a great nanny! She taught second graders in a private school and found that I can pay more. She's incredible. You can find the highest level educated nanny even online and nannies can find stellar jobs online too.

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