Nanny Confessions: Money Isn’t Everything

Don’t Choose a Job Just Based on the Paycheck Although nannies work to make money, choosing a job based primarily on a higher hourly rate is not the only factor to consider when looking for a nanny job. Interviews with parents and a trial period working with the children in their home are more important […]

What Not to Post About Yourself on Social Media

What have you seen nannies and au pairs post on social media that would turn off a potential employer? Yesterday we discussed what you should never post on the Internet about the children you care for at your nanny or au pair job. Today we list information you should never post on social media about […]

Is it Possible to Find a Nanny Job Online Without Your Employer Finding Out?

How to Find a Job While You Have a Job We usually recommend that job seekers find a new nanny job before quitting their current job. If you try to find a job with the help of a nanny agency they will honor your wish to be discrete while you are interviewing for jobs. But, when using […]

Do Parents Care More About Their Checkbook Than Quality Care?

Do You Think More Parents are Hiring Inexperienced Nannies for Less Money, or Spending More for Experienced, Quality Care? With the Unemployment Rate for 16-to 24-Age Group the Highest Since World War II are Younger, Cheaper Nannies Taking All the Nanny Jobs? Yesterday we explained that the Bureau of Labor Statistics confirms that in 2010, childcare workers averaged $19,300 […]

Looking for Nanny Jobs Has Never Been So Frustrating

How Did You Find Your Nanny Job? By Stephanie Felzenberg, Nanny and Editor Be the Best Nanny Newsletter Too many of my friends are looking for nanny jobs without luck. Too many nanny agencies have gone out of business due to a lousy economy. Of the nanny placement agencies still in business, too many don’t […]