10 Ways to Find the Perfect Nanny Agency

Agency Contact Checklist Nannies looking for jobs want to work with nanny placement agencies that listen to their job requirements and are honest about whether they have any families that meet the nanny candidate’s specific job criteria. Rather than blindly signing up and completing every agency application, in-home child care providers should interview agencies first. […]

Nanny Agency Loyalty

What Does it Take for Nannies to Be Loyal to a Nanny Placement Agency? By Ginger Swift, President of ABC Nannies and Domestics, Denver Colorado When I think of loyalty, I think of friends that hang with you no matter what. Of course, loyalty can be lost if you do something awful to harm the […]

Privacy and Nanny Placement Agencies

The Responsibilities of Nanny Referral Agencies. When discussing issues of privacy for nannies we must include privacy and confidentiality of nanny placement agencies. A diligent nanny employment agency will ask for sensitive private information from prospective nannies so that a thorough search of the candidates can be conducted. The research examines and verifies the information […]