10 Ways to Find the Perfect Nanny Agency

Agency Contact Checklist

Nannies looking for jobs want to work with nanny placement agencies that listen to their job requirements and are honest about whether they have any families that meet the nanny candidate’s specific job criteria. Rather than blindly signing up and completing every agency application, in-home child care providers should interview agencies first. When considering working nanny agencies prospective nannies should ask the following questions of each agency.

Plus, use our nanny agency contact checklist to the left to keep communication with nanny agencies organized. Email bethebestnanny@aol(dot)com for a copy of the nanny agency contact checklist.

1. What is the agency’s reputation?

What have you heard about working with the nanny referral agency in nanny circles? Is their reputation good? Nanny agencies that have been in business a while ought to have repeat business. It is a good sign when nannies come back to work with the agency again.

2. Did they make a good first impression?

Was the staff friendly and did they listen to you, or was your conversation interrupted, was someone unfriendly, or were employees stressed-out? Do they understand your goals and concerns?

3. How long has the agency been in business?

When an agency has been in business for a few years it may be a good indicator of their success.

4. Does agency staff believe that your salary and job requirements sound reasonable?

What is the starting, average, and top salary range for the nanny positions they place? Do they typically place live-in or live-out positions; temporary or permanent placements; are their clients high profile families, working parents, or stay-at-home parents?

5 . How many nannies and families are repeat clients?

Having a solid core base of nannies that are long term clients is a good indicator of a quality business.

6. What specifically makes their placements successful?

What factors do they feel play a part in successful placements? It is impossible for any agency to place every nanny candidate or successfully place someone with every family. Nanny agency staff realize this and should encourage honesty from parents and nannies for successful placements rather than just placing a high number of caregivers in jobs that aren’t a good fit.

7. What level of nannies do they place?

Does the agency work with first time nannies or do they require their applicants to have more working experience? Do they require CPR certification and First Aid training? How much education must nanny applicants have?

8. What is the screening process for nannies?

Do they meet each and every nanny candidate in-person, by telephone, or email? What documents must the nanny candidate provide? How many telephone references and letters of reference do they require? Did they ask inappropriate questions about weight, height, religion, love life, or the medications you take?

9. What is their screening process for families?

Are you (the prospective employee) allowed to see the family’s application and are the families allowed to see yours? Do agency staff meet the families in-person, by telephone, or emails?

10. Ask the agency for reference you can speak to.

A reputable agency should provide references that you can call personally. Another good way to get the scoop on agencies is to ask fellow nannies for their first hand experience.

Reference: Above is a copyrighted excerpt from the March 2007 Be the Best Nanny Newsletter written by Andrea Flagg.


  1. Great advice if anyone used agencies anymore. I will use the contact sheet but agencies aren't really used anymore IMO. Just easier online do it yourself.

  2. Well I, for one, might need one! Thanks for all of tips, these will really help me out in finding the best nanny agency for my kids, if we end up needing the service. I'll be sure to go through all of the steps here, you have helped me out a ton!

  3. FYI: Email be the best nanny @ aol . Com instead. The email address in article is no longer valid. 🙂

  4. Thanks for this advice for finding a nanny agency. I’m glad that you mentioned you should learn what kind of reputation they have an if they have repeat business. I wonder if it could be good to also learn more if the nannies themselves have a good reputation or just the agency in general.

    • Yes Taylor, agency staff and parents who are considering hiring a nanny should call the nanny’s job references to get a sense of their reputation and check their online profile. Running background checks can be helpful as well.

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