Is it Possible to Find a Nanny Job Online Without Your Employer Finding Out?

How to Find a Job While You Have a Job

We usually recommend that job seekers find a new nanny job before quitting their current job. If you try to find a job with the help of a nanny agency they will honor your wish to be discrete while you are interviewing for jobs. But, when using nanny web sites, we aren’t sure if there is a way a nanny can ensure people they know won’t see their name online.

If you know how to keep your employer from seeing your nanny profile online please let us know how you do that.

In the meantime, consider the following tips to keeping your employer from knowing you are looking for a new job:

If you want to take your time to find a better job while currently employed use discretion. People gossip so you should be careful whom to tell that you are looking for a new employment. Gossip can spread like wildfire. You cannot blame someone when your job search reaches your boss or if he or she heard it from their friends.

However, you can tell your family about your current situation. This can advantageous for your sake because they can be your assistant and take messages for you while you’re at work. Just make sure you tell them not to tell anyone that you are looking for a new job.

Explaining to a prospective employer that you can’t use your current employer as a job reference because you want to keep your job search confidential for now should not harm your chances of getting a job offer.

Don’t use your employer’s computer, phone, or email to conduct your job search. Set up interviews after work or on time-off.

Finally be prepared in case your employer does find out you are looking for a new job. Be honest about why you are seeking new employment without making any personal attacks. Go out on a good note so you will be able to get a great reference from your current employer.


  1. Much better to find a job through a nanny agency because everything online can be tracked.

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