Get to Work as Fast as Possible

Advice for the Unemployed by Suze Orman Even if a job that is “less than” your last job and pays less, I am telling you to take that job! Last week we started discussing important advice about jobs and the economy by Suze Orman author of The Money Class: How to Stand in Your Truth […]

Act As if a Layoff Will Happen to You

Hope for the Best, Plan for the Worst From The Money Class by Suze Orman I just finished reading Suze Orman’s The Money Class: Learn to Create Your New American Dreamand her advice may be the most important information I can share with working, unemployed, and underemployed nannies this year! Every week, (sometimes daily), I […]

If You Weren’t a Nanny, What Would You Be?

If You Couldn’t Find A Decent Nanny Job, What Job Would You Do? With so many nanny friends looking for full-time work, and about to run out of unemployment benefits, I often worry about what would do if I were in their shoes. Andrea Flagg gave us great tips for nannies that lose their jobs in 2008 […]

What is Causing a Shortage of Jobs for Nannies?

Factors Affecting the Supply and Demand of Nannies We have been discussing that the average nanny only makes $19,300 per year compared to a national mean for all workers of $44,410. Plus, the Bureau of Labor Statistics confirms that wages for childcare workers have decreased over the last few years. We have speculated that the […]

Does the Au Pair Program Provide Unfair Competition for Nannies?

Are More Au Pairs Taking Much Needed Nanny Jobs? Since the au pair program was created to alleviate a shortage of eligible workers in the United States, is the au pair program necessary today given the condition of the economy? Last week we asked if the demand and pay for nannies is declining as the […]

Do Parents Care More About Their Checkbook Than Quality Care?

Do You Think More Parents are Hiring Inexperienced Nannies for Less Money, or Spending More for Experienced, Quality Care? With the Unemployment Rate for 16-to 24-Age Group the Highest Since World War II are Younger, Cheaper Nannies Taking All the Nanny Jobs? Yesterday we explained that the Bureau of Labor Statistics confirms that in 2010, childcare workers averaged $19,300 […]