Changing Jobs Doesn’t Change You

Simple Secrets of Successful People In his book 100 Simple Secrets of Successful People David Niven, Ph. D. explains that transitions intimidate us because everything seems so different. But, even though our work environment changes when we switch jobs, we don’t. In his book the author states that we all need some stability in our lives […]

Are Unemployed Teachers Joining the Nanny Job Market?

Do You Know Unemployed Teachers are Working as Nannies? We have been discussing the results of the Be the Best Nanny Newsletter monthly poll. We asked nannies why they think it’s harder to find great nanny jobs? Those who participated in our poll answered that illegal immigrants are the number one reason nannies can’t find stellar nanny […]

Are Illegal Immigrants Taking Jobs From American Nannies?

Why Are Nannies Having a Harder Time Finding Great Nanny Jobs? This month in the Be the Best Nanny Newsletter monthly poll we asked nannies what they thought are the reasons American nannies are having such a hard time finding great nanny jobs? We listed some possible reasons American nannies are having trouble finding jobs including: […]

If You Weren’t a Nanny, What Would You Be?

If You Couldn’t Find A Decent Nanny Job, What Job Would You Do? With so many nanny friends looking for full-time work, and about to run out of unemployment benefits, I often worry about what would do if I were in their shoes. Andrea Flagg gave us great tips for nannies that lose their jobs in 2008 […]

Does Your Mom Boss Micromanage Your Work? Is Your Mom Boss Over-Emotional?

Is Your Mom Boss Like Nancy or Bambi? In the aftermath of the Casey Anthony trial, some commentators negatively portrayed HLN’s Nancy Grace as cranky, aggressive, and opinionated. Those characterizations sound just like the way some nannies describe their Mom Bosses. Ambitious, hard-driving, and unyielding, these Mom Bosses can be difficult employers. Then there is the […]