How to Check if Your Nanny Can Legally Work in the United States

Parents Guide to Nanny Taxes Yesterday we asked if immigrant reform will affect nannies working in America. It is unlawful for parents to knowingly hire or continue to employ an alien who cannot work legally in the United States. When parents hire a nanny to work for them on a regular basis, they must complete the […]

Will Immigration Reform Help the Nanny Industry?

Tax Evasion by American Citizens Hurts the Economy as Much as Hiring Illegal Immigrants Yesterday, President Barack Obama promised that Congress will pass a comprehensive immigration reform bill. Immigration reform will affect the nanny industry in America because a large number of nannies working in America are illegal immigrants. In April 2012, the results of […]

Are Illegal Immigrants Taking Jobs From American Nannies?

Why Are Nannies Having a Harder Time Finding Great Nanny Jobs? This month in the Be the Best Nanny Newsletter monthly poll we asked nannies what they thought are the reasons American nannies are having such a hard time finding great nanny jobs? We listed some possible reasons American nannies are having trouble finding jobs including: […]