Can Nannies that Break the Law Expect to Be Protected by Labor Laws?

Nannies That Don’t Pay Taxes Won’t Likely Benefit From Domestic Workers Bill of Rights In 2010 New York passed the first Domestic Workers Bill of Rights and since then more states have Domestic Workers Bills pending. There have been very passionate debates on social media about the proposed legislation and I have written dozens of […]

Professionals are Paid On-the-Books

Respecting Professional Boundaries for Nannies It’s April 15th and it is Tax Day here in America! Unfortunately when it comes to being paid legally there is a huge problem in America called Nannygate. Nannygate is the term used to describe the estimated 90 percent of working American nannies that are illegally working under-the-table, which robs […]

Will Immigration Reform Help the Nanny Industry?

Tax Evasion by American Citizens Hurts the Economy as Much as Hiring Illegal Immigrants Yesterday, President Barack Obama promised that Congress will pass a comprehensive immigration reform bill. Immigration reform will affect the nanny industry in America because a large number of nannies working in America are illegal immigrants. In April 2012, the results of […]

What Excuses Have Parents Given You for Not Wanting to Pay Taxes?

Knowing the Risks of Tax Evasion, Why is Nannygate Still an Epidemic in America? It is estimated that 80% to 90% of household employers don’t pay taxes on their household employees. Nannygate is the popular term coined to describe these household employers who don’t pay taxes. Nannygate is an epidemic in America. There are many benefits […]

Nannies: 50 Years Ago JFK Asked What You Can Do For Your Country

Nannygate by Being Paid-Under-the-Table is IllegalFifty years ago today John F Kennedy delivered his infamous inauguration speech best-remembered line: “And so, my fellow Americans: ask not what your country will do for you – ask what you can do for your country.” Nannygate is the popular term for employers who don’t pay their household employee’s […]

Are You a Nannygate Statistic?

Nannies, Do You Pay Your Taxes? Nannygate has become the popular term for employers who don’t pay their household employee’s taxes. Nannygate is an epidemic in America. We won’t pretend anyone likes to pay taxes. But, there are many great benefits to being paid legally. 1. History of Legitimate Employment 2. Unemployment Benefits 3. Disability […]

The Nanny Tax Nightmare

Newsweek Article:The Nanny Tax Nightmare The perils of trying to comply with our Byzantine payroll laws—and how Washington can make the system easier for parents who want to do the right thing. By Maja BeckstromNewsweek Web Exclusive It’s a good thing I haven’t been tapped for public office. As I discovered last year, it’s frighteningly […]


The New York Post, The New York Times, Associated Press, and Daily News are reporting that Caroline Kennedy dropped her bid for Hillary Rodham Clinton’s old Senate seat because she had tax problems involving a household employee. Could it be true that the same day that one nominee for a position on Obama’s cabinet is […]


Timothy Geithner ApprovedLast week we discussed Timothy Geithner was nominated as Treasury Secretary and that he might lose that nomination for not paying taxes of a former housekeeper. Geithner was approved as the nomination today in the Senate according to the Star Tribune. By MARTIN CRUTSINGER , Associated Press “The Senate Finance Committee on […]