The New York Post, The New York Times, Associated Press, and Daily News are reporting that Caroline Kennedy dropped her bid for Hillary Rodham Clinton’s old Senate seat because she had tax problems involving a household employee.

Could it be true that the same day that one nominee for a position on Obama’s cabinet is approved to continue his nomination despite failing to pay taxes for a domestic worker he employed, it is speculated that Caroline Kennedy withdrew her bid to be Senator for the same reason?

Here are some of the headlines:
Why Did Kennedy Drop Senate Seat Bid?
“…there were concerns about possible tax problems for Kennedy, a potential “nanny problem” involving a housekeeper, and media rumors that her marriage was on the rocks. The person, who spoke on condition of anonymity because he said he wasn’t authorized to speak for the governor, would not elaborate.”

Housekeeper and Taxes Are Said to Derail Kennedy’s Bid

“ALBANY — Problems involving taxes and a household employee surfaced during the vetting of Caroline Kennedy and derailed her candidacy for the Senate, a person close to Gov. David A. Paterson said on Thursday, in an account at odds with Ms. Kennedy’s own description of her reasons for withdrawing.

The account emerged 14 hours after Ms. Kennedy announced that she was taking her name out of contention for the Senate seat vacated by Hillary Rodham Clinton, and as Mr. Paterson, according to two well-placed Democrats told of his thinking, was leaning toward selecting Representative Kirsten E. Gillibrand, an upstate lawmaker in her second term in Congress. Mr. Paterson has scheduled a news conference at noon Friday in Albany to announce his choice.”

Caroline Kennedy faced tax ‘problem’ and nanny issue, says source close to Gov. David Paterson
By KENNETH LOVETT Daily News Albany Bureau

“Caroline Kennedy who stunningly quit her push for Hillary Clinton’s Senate seat, is dealing with a “tax problem and a potential nanny issue,” a source close to Gov. Paterson said Thursday.”


  1. As has been said before: I think I’ll just not pay taxes in April and try to become a Senator or United States cabinet member!PLEASE, we are supposed to look up to you. You are supposed to guide us and lead us, but go ahead and break the law since everyone else does it, so it’s small potatoes compared to the big problems we are facing.If you cannot take care of your personal life I certainly don’t want you running the nation!Meghan, New York Nanny

  2. I don’t like paying taxes but I do it anyway. I’m sorry but a few hours work a year isn’t too much work. How can you “work” for the government and not pay taxes? Doesn’t make sense. Who decides which crimes are acceptable for politicians to commit? The Senate I suppose? There is something wrong with this picture.Nanny Winnie, 2 boys 1 girl San Fran CA

  3. Average American’s are living paycheck to paycheck and paying taxes (like me, like us)! Eveyone complains about the war raising taxes but what about the wealthy and famous who aren’t even giving their fair share? It’s a huge problem when those most in the spot light — politicians and celebreities — don’t even pay their fair share. When employers don’t pay taxes on their employees they are just as much to blame for nannygate as illegal immigrants are to blame for nannygate. What Kennedy did was illegal. Not paying taxes is a crime. If wealthy politicians and celebreties don’t pay their taxes what is the incentive for those struggling parents to pay them? Don’t politicians have the legal responsiblitiy to pay for the services and policies they promote, write, and create? When these well-to-do public figures chose not to pay the taxes on their employees, it is illegal. None of them deserve positions in politics running our nation if they can’t pay taxes legally. Hope Richardson, hard-working, legal-tax-paying, Newborn Specialist, Ohio

  4. The mothers were talking about this at school drop off today. They tend to dismiss the issue of not paying taxes saying things like not paying taxes back in the ’80’s is “small potatoes” compared to other issues like Kennedy’s lack of media interview skills.The “blowing it off” as if not paying taxes is a problem in itself. They think it’s “no big deal.” And that’s the problem. Thinking that not paying taxes is a problem. It is a problem. A huge one to all the citizens who pay taxes because they are priviledged to accept the services living in this country provides. It is a huge deal because millions of tax dollars aren’t being paid by domestic workers when they are consistenly paid “under the table.” I’m so mad at people who don’t look at the bigger picture and pay their fair share!

  5. The media has gotten so sleazy that I don’t want to watch it anymore. This mud slinging has to stop. The media never vetted Kennedy like they vetted Obama, McCain, Clinton, Palin, or all the politicians and Senators in this country. She got a big dose of reality. To be a politician in this country you can’t have any misconduct. They will track you down and find it. Are we all to be held at such a high standard? Nanny Lori in the Big Apple NYC

  6. Clearly parents and caregivers don’t do themselves any favors by not paying taxes. Learn from other’s mistakes.Leah in Colorado

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