Professionals are Paid On-the-Books

Respecting Professional Boundaries for Nannies

It’s April 15th and it is Tax Day here in America! Unfortunately when it comes to being paid legally there is a huge problem in America called Nannygate. Nannygate is the term used to describe the estimated 90 percent of working American nannies that are illegally working under-the-table, which robs the American government of millions of dollars in taxes each year.

Those tax monies are used to pave roads, pay educators and teachers, fund the military, and to help the most vulnerable citizens with services such as healthcare (Medicaid) and retirement expenses (social security).

The best way for Americans to protect themselves if they lose their jobs (unemployment benefits), get sick (disability benefits), or get hurt on the job (workers compensation) is to be paid-on-the-books. If you aren’t submitting taxes there is no better time to ask your employer’s to start the paperwork so you can submit your share.

Many nannies and parents incorrectly assume that process of paying and submitting wages and taxes is difficult. All that parents need to do is use a nanny tax company to do the work for them. It easy for you to get paid legally and receive the tax benefits that you, and all hard-working American’s, deserve.

Be legal and get the tax benefits you deserve using a nanny tax company.

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