I Like Keeping Kids in a Safe Nanny Bubble

Nanny Confessions: Don’t Talk to Kids About the Boston Bombings Unless They Ask

I am so thankful that my employers don’t allow their kids to watch television while I am working. Yesterday, I had a great day with the kids. We went on playdates, to classes, and to sports practice in the fresh Spring air. I got a kick out of watching the youngest enjoy her bubble bath and relished all my charges enjoying the nutritious meal I prepared for them. We had so much fun because we were ignorant to the carnage in Boston.

Although I cannot shelter kids from all difficult topics forever, at least I can take some time to formulate an appropriate response if kids ask me about a difficult topic. Thankfully because I didn’t watch TV while working, I had an entire evening to process the event before discussing it with the kids.

Although it’s impossible to keep children safe from all dangers in the world, I confess that I take pride in the fact that I am able to create a safe cocoon for the kids in my care. I am proud that I can be mature enough to not discuss difficult adult issues in the children’s presence.

Click here to see tips on speaking with kids about terrorism.


  1. I agree we must be professional no matter how upsetting the bombings were. I like the idea of not talking about it at work and just have fun with the kids. Talk about the bombings after work with friends and family instead.

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