Nannies: 50 Years Ago JFK Asked What You Can Do For Your Country

Nannygate by Being Paid-Under-the-Table is Illegal

Fifty years ago today John F Kennedy delivered his infamous inauguration speech best-remembered line: “And so, my fellow Americans: ask not what your country will do for you – ask what you can do for your country.”

Nannygate is the popular term for employers who don’t pay their household employee’s taxes. Nannygate is an epidemic in America. We won’t pretend anyone likes to pay taxes. But, there are many great benefits to being paid legally.

American nannies that are paid-under-the-table do not live up to JFK’s proclamation. It’s illegal to not be paid-on-the-books. But, it is also embarrassing for an American citizen to allow themselves to not be treated better than an illegal alien. Below is a list of just some of the services your taxes help pay for.

If you don’t pay taxes you don’t deserve to:

– Drive on paved streets or highways.
– Call 911.
– Flush your toilet.
– Have your garbage picked-up and disposed of.
– Fly in an airplane that uses air-traffic controllers.
– Use the court system.
– Use the U.S. Post Office..
– Send your children to public schools.
– Use currency printed by the U.S. Treasury.
– Use a bank or credit union that insures your deposits through the FDIC.
– Use public transportation.
– Visit public museums.
– Cross a bridge.
– Use truck stops or public restrooms.
– Expect the government to protect the copyright for the works you create.
– Expect your tap water to be clean and germ free.
– Go to a beach kept clean by the state
– Attend a state university.
– Collect social security.
– Medicare pay your bills if you are over 65 or disabled.
– Don’t climb to the top of the Washington Monument, which is maintained at taxpayer expense.
– Be rescued by fire department paramedic team.
– Don’t expect federal assistance if a natural disaster destroys your home or business.
– Expect the military to defend you or your country.
– Visit national parks or hike in national forests.
– Eat USDA inspected meat, cheese, eggs or produce.
– Take any medications tested and approved by the FDA.
– Drink, bath or otherwise use the water from municipal water systems.
– Look at a NASA generated picture.
– Expect a unit of measure like a gallon of gas to be a full gallon.
– Expect a red light to work.
– Use the services of a doctor who is licensed through the state.
– Expect research into medical problems such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes, aging, prostrate, menopause, and so on.
– Use the public library.
– Go to a state university affiliated hospital.
– Watch state college sports.
– Ask for FEC regulations that protect us from crooked financial planners.
– Get married, have children or die and expect the government to keep track of all the certificates.
– Eat any food transported on roads.
– Expect any workplace safety standards, labor laws, or minimum wage.
– Don’t use any gasoline, oil, or natural gas that was discovered by the USGS.
– Rely on highway signs.
– Have any laws against murder, theft, since the government defines crime.
– Be able to own anything, like your house or car since the government keeps track
of titles.
– Have your roads plowed when it snows or sweeped clean when they’re dirty.
– Expect convicted criminals to be in prison and off your street.

Click here for reference.


  1. You know that pot hole on your street that dented the rim of your tire on your car? That won't be filled because it's the goverment and your taxpayer dollars that fix that too!

  2. Don't forget passports and au pair programs are regulated by the government.

  3. Breaking the law isn't reason enough to pay taxes?

  4. Although nannies should submit their taxes I think it's ok to not include extra babysitting, overtime and bonues. I just hate that every dime I am paid is submitted when I could just get a gift for a bonus and not be taxed on it.

  5. amen

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