Would You Work in a Nanny Share?

Penny-Pinching Parents Share Nannies
By Vikki Ortiz Healy

They met through a mutual friend. Over Starbucks, brunch and other dates, they discovered they were both family-oriented, enjoyed similar hobbies and understood each other’s career goals.

So after just a few months, Sarah Greenspan and Rachel Graupe, both of Buffalo Grove, agreed to take the next big step: They hired a nanny together.

“We were both nervous,” said Greenspan, 36, who two years later feels grateful that she and Graupe and their husbands entered a “nanny share” arrangement for their sons. “We just really lucked out that we all kind of hit it off.”

Nanny sharing, considered rare five years ago, has become a popular option for parents in the Chicago area.

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Have you worked in a nanny share? Would you do it?


  1. I once worked a nanny share for a summer and hated it. It was awful. The kids were great but it's additional laundry and the parents had different timing issues. At least I was paid! It wouldn't be my first choice ever again but sometimes it's better to be working than picky.

  2. Good points that it's better than not having a job but it's not for me.

  3. I worked in a nanny share back in the mid-'80s and it was wonderful. The arrangement lasted almost 4 years; I started with 3 boys and each family added a daughter to their family during that time so I ended caring for 4 and sometimes 5 chi…ldren. Nanny shares can be a real win-win, but I feel that it takes a really strong nanny as far as problem solving and communication. There were times that each family had different preferences or needs and I had to say to them, this is my suggestion, but if you aren't happy with this then you need to discuss it with one another and come up with a better solution. Otherwise, things just go round and round and everyone is unhappy. Many times, I don't think the parents are even aware how difficult it is to integrate those different preferences, etc. Fortunately for me, we never had an issue that we couldn't work out and it was such a great experience for all of us!

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