How to Check if Your Nanny Can Legally Work in the United States

Parents Guide to Nanny Taxes

Yesterday we asked if immigrant reform will affect nannies working in America. It is unlawful for parents to knowingly hire or continue to employ an alien who cannot work legally in the United States.

When parents hire a nanny to work for them on a regular basis, they must complete the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) Form I-9, Employment Eligibility Verification. No later than the first day of work, the nanny must complete the employee section of the form by providing the necessary information.

Parents must complete the employer section by examining the documents presented by the nanny as evidence of their identity and employment eligibility. Some documents parents will need to photocopy may include: a social security card, U.S, passport, driver’s license, or Alien Registration Receipt Card (also known as an Immigrant Visa or Permanent Visa).

Parents should keep the Form I-9 in their records. The form does not need to be submitted to the IRS it simply must be kept available for review upon notice by an authorized U.S. Government official.

Visit to get the Form I-9.

Nanny employers should call the USCIS at 1-800-870-3676 to order the Handbook for Employers; or you may download the handbook at If parents have questions about the employment eligibility verification process or other immigration-related employment matters, contact the USCIS Office of Business Liaison at 1-800-357-2099.


  1. I am on a " green card" . when I start a new job or register with an agency I have to show my green card , drivers license and social security card . I pay my taxes but it is not easy to find families that won't to go on the books takes a lot longer when you are chasing the 10% that pay legal . I should not have to ask if the family is going to pay taxes it should be a given .

  2. There are a lot of immigrants that aren't citizens that have green cards and permanent visas LuLu. It benefits everyone once nannies can get citizen status more easily.

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