Nanny Confessions: Money Isn’t Everything

Don’t Choose a Job Just Based on the Paycheck

Although nannies work to make money, choosing a job based primarily on a higher hourly rate is not the only factor to consider when looking for a nanny job.

Interviews with parents and a trial period working with the children in their home are more important in finding a nanny job than basing a job choice on how much a family can afford to pay.

In his book The 100 Simple Secrets of Happy People: What Scientists Have Learned and How You Can Use It  David Niven found in national surveys comparing income levels with lifestyles and satisfaction, salary increases have no effect on life satisfaction and little effect on work habits.

Finding the “perfect fit” of nanny and nanny family means something different for everyone. Each nanny and every family has varying needs. Certainly being treated with respect by the parents and children is vital for nanny job satisfaction. Sharing similar parenting philosophies regarding discipline, sleep training, and potty training are crucial as well. Job duties, other than childcare, vary from job to job and the nanny’s willingness to complete other job tasks differ as well. Even the location and schedule of each nanny job are important considerations for nanny candidates.

Perhaps the most important factor in choosing the right nanny job is the gut feeling a nanny has about a family. If something feels “off” during the job interview, it will likely bother them even more once the nanny and family work together.

Nannies should not to base their happiness on what they can and cannot afford. It’s important for childcare providers to create a budget, live frugally, and live within their means.

Although everyone has to work to pay their bills, when interviewing for nanny jobs consider more than just the hourly rate to ensure long-term job satisfaction.


  1. I whole heartedly agree!

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