5 Thing You Positively Must Do in July

Monthly To-Do List

1. If you want to keep your job, or find a job you must maintain a positive attitude. Adopt, accentuate, and exude a positive attitude. Being positive with yourself, the kids, and parents helps get positive results.

2. Avoid negativity as much as possible. Stay away from negative web sites, negative people, and negative activities.

3. Do not be a downer, a drama queen, or a complainer. Nannies and au pairs complain and bash their employers in the social media. Anything posted on the Internet can be copied and pasted elsewhere. Even when you join a “secret” group and have privacy settings on Facebook there is a potential to be seen by people you don’t know. Why risk your current or future employers hearing or seeing your complaints and risk losing your job or getting a job in the future? Asking for supportive, positive advice is great. Venting disrespectively about your employers doesn’t solve your problems.

4. It is so easy to fall into a rut when petty annoyances become out sized problems. You do not have the worst problems in the world so do not act like you do. If you find yourself complaining about your job go to the source (the parents) and resolve the issues, accept your issues at work, or move on.

5. How you present options to the world make a difference. Staying positive helps your attitude, your health, and your “brand.” We are positive about that.

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