Do What You Love, and the Money Will Follow

It’s a Blessing to Love One’s Job I recently received a sad, yet common message from a nanny via our Facebook page. Like so many other nannies, she loves working as a nanny but feels criticized and judged by her family and friends for her career choice. It can often feel like people view nannies […]

Take Inventory of Who You Spend Time With

Monthly To-Do List: Surround Yourself with Positive Influences Have you ever noticed when another person yawns, you yawn? When someone else cries do you feel sad? When others laugh do you find it hard not to laugh with them? This is called the “ripple effect.” How the other people around you feel effects your mood. […]

Adopting an Attitude of Gratitude for the New Year

New Year’s To-Do List Daily I receive messages from nannies online asking me to post their questions on Facebook page in our column “Anonymous Nanny Asks for Advice.” The number of complaints shows me that no one loves every moment of their job. Despite feeling underappreciated and disrespected at times, I want to challenge nannies […]

5 Thing You Positively Must Do in July

Monthly To-Do List 1. If you want to keep your job, or find a job you must maintain a positive attitude. Adopt, accentuate, and exude a positive attitude. Being positive with yourself, the kids, and parents helps get positive results. 2. Avoid negativity as much as possible. Stay away from negative web sites, negative people, […]

Seven Ways for a Nanny to Keep Happy and Healthy

A Happy Nanny Means Happy ChildrenBy Lynn Wariara, Author of How To Get The Best Out Of Your Nanny There are a lot of nanny job descriptions that require nannies to be “positive, fun, and energetic.” My concern is how do nannies keep themselves healthy and in-balance despite all the demands of working with children […]

July To-Do List for Nannies and Au Pairs

You Make Your Own Luck! July 2011 is abbreviated as 7-11. Besides being known as the name and hours of a convenience store, 7-11 has long been considered lucky numbers. This superstition derives from the dice game Craps, where an initial throw of 7 or 11 is an instant winner. The harmless superstition of the […]

Is a Bad Attitude Nanny Dragging You Down?

How to Cope With Nannies That Complain Too Much People that gossip and complain too much drag us down. No one wants to listen to a friend complain all the time. In his book, Coping with Difficult People, Robert M. Bramson describes how complainers think and how to cope with them. He explains, “Complainers don’t […]

Nannies and Au Pairs: What Do You Complain About?

Would You Hire a Complainer or Gossiper? We all think our complaints are valid. But, if you want to keep your job you need to monitor what you say and who you complain to about your job. If you’re a chronic complainer, you are sabotaging yourself and your success at work. The first thing you […]

November To-Do List

Something You Positively Must Do in November – BE POSITIVE! Adopt, accentuate, and exude a positive attitude. Being positive with yourself, the kids, and parents helps get positive results. Do not be a downer, a drama queen, or a complainer. It is so easy to fall into a rut when petty annoyances become out sized […]

Negotiating Success Part III

Be Prepared With a Positive AttitudeBy Lora Brawley, We have already discussed that before negotiating, nannies must know what they want and what they offer. But, they also must be prepared before negotiating with employers. Be Prepared:Negotiation is all about finding a workable solution. Never enter a negotiation without potential solutions. Consider extra benefits […]