Take Inventory of Who You Spend Time With

Monthly To-Do List: Surround Yourself with Positive Influences

Have you ever noticed when another person yawns, you yawn? When someone else cries do you feel sad? When others laugh do you find it hard not to laugh with them? This is called the “ripple effect.” How the other people around you feel effects your mood.

The same theory applies to being happy and successful at your job. To be happy it helps to be surrounded by happy people. To be successful at your job it helps to spend time with other caregivers (mothers, fathers, grandparents, babysitters, nannies, or au pairs) that love caring for kids.

So this month, Be the Best Nanny Newsletter recommends you take inventory of the people you spend time with at work. Surround yourself with people who make you feel good about yourself and are great role-models to help you and be the best nanny you can be.

February To-Do List:

Meet other au pairs and nannies to hang out with. Ask your nanny or au pair placement agency for contact information of other nannies or au pairs they have placed in your area.

Contact your local nanny or au pair support group. Check out this link.to see if there is a nanny support group in your area.

Join positive Internet nanny groups on Facebook, Yahoo Groups, and blogs for support. Here’s how to find us on Facebook, on Twitter, and you are already reading our blog.

Drop out of online nanny groups in which members flame or criticize you or other members. After reading nasty comments or discussions online it can make you feel terrible.

Attend professional conferences. Click the following links to learn more about conferences sponsored by the following organizations: the International Nanny Association, Nannypalooza, National Nanny Training Day, and the National Association of the Education of Young Children. Also check out for local and state co-operatives that host childcare conferences.

Find a mentor. The International Nanny Association has a mentor program.

Meet new friends at a local house of worship.

Start reducing playdates with negative caregivers or parents that are dragging you down.

√ Replace time spent with critical or negative caregivers to go on outings with people that enjoy kids, support you, and love their nanny and au pair jobs.

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