How to Use Facebook to Find a Nanny Job

Thinking Outside of the Box to Find a Nanny Job

The biggest social media tool is Facebook. Facebook allows you to connect with friends in a more relaxed setting than LinkedIn. It also allows you to follow the nanny industry businesses you prefer.

You can utilize your Facebook account much like your Twitter and LinkedIn accounts and connect with friends who may be able to help you as you are looking for employment. You can send messages to them to inform them of your situation and see if they know of any openings or leads.

Facebook also allows you to post status updates, much like Twitter posts, that can reach all of your friends. You can announce to your friends on Facebook that you are looking for a nanny job. You can also post “notes” on Facebook, which are similar to blog posts, to announce your job search. In these notes, you can include more information than a typical status update but still detail all your qualifications, background, and what you’re looking for. To ensure that your friends read these notes, you can “tag” them and they will receive a notification that the note has been posted.

Join the Facebook pages of the businesses you like to help you find nanny jobs. Click “Like” on the nanny placement agencies and nanny referral web sites you prefer. Visit the nanny agencies pages often to see what nanny jobs they have posted either daily or weekly.

But you must be careful what you post on Facebook so not to ruin your chance of landing a great nanny job in the future. Stop by Friday when we will discuss Facebook safety issues.

Do you follow your favorite nanny placement agency or nanny web site on Facebook?


  1. Yes in fact I have told my friends to look on my agency's facebook page for jobs.

  2. Yes I have told my au pair friends to look on facebook on our agency's page to look for jobs.

  3. It bothers me to death all the ads by agencies on facebook and Twitter. But I see what you are saying about if you are looking for a job it's a good idea. But I still hate all the job ads being posted!

  4. Great idea to finally announce that nannies can use social networks to find jobs! Agencies are posting jobs on social networks all the time. Finally someone is saying to use the internet to network too.

  5. Check out or simply to post your resumes, job search and view placements from reputable & established Nanny & Domestic Placement Agencies!!

  6. Seriously, it's time for businesses to use social networks. Technology won't wait for slow pokes. Got to modernize with the times.

  7. super concept

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