How to Find a Nanny Job Using Twitter

With New Technology Comes New Ways to Find Nanny Jobs

Twitter has surprisingly emerged as a great way to network and continue your job hunt. Although Twitter messages are limited to 140 characters per “tweet” that’s enough space for nanny agencies and nanny web sites to advertise a nanny job.

When opening a Twitter account use your name since it will make it easier for others to find you through a search. Also make sure to fill out your biography section thoroughly to let others know who you are, where you’re from, and what you are interested in.

Include a link to another site that can provide more information about you and your background. I would suggest linking your Twitter account to your LinkedIn profile since it would most likely contain the most thorough information on you and your qualifications.

Once you have an account, you can create posts that detail your job search and what you’re looking for. If you have any followers, they will see these posts. And if your account is linked to your LinkedIn page, your LinkedIn connections will be able to see these posts as well.

One of the major benefits of Twitter is the opportunity to connect with people who you may not already know but have similar interests as you. By connecting with such people, you can network and find out if they know of any open jobs or other ways to search for employment.

Twitter also allows you to follow nanny referral agencies and nanny referral web sites. Most nanny referral agencies and nanny web sites will post select jobs on their Twitter page, which would obviously help in your job search.

Have you ever contacted a nanny placement agency or nanny web site after seeing a Tweet of an interesting nanny job position?


  1. Oh, I was getting annoyed that all agencies and nanny websites were doing is posting jobs but now I understand we can use that to our advantage when looking for a new job! I get it now!

  2. Good idea never thought of, thanks for thinking outside the box!Imani O

  3. I just started LinkedIn after reading this and there are people on LinkedIn that aren't on Facebook. Never knew that. Surprising to me but true.

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