Are Your Salary and Benefit Demands Reasonable?

Finding a Nanny Job in Tough Economic Times

We have been discussing how to find a great nanny job during an economic recession.
I would never say a professional, experienced, reputable nanny cannot find a great salary and good benefits during the economic recession. But it’s common sense that there are less nanny jobs available, and more nannies looking for jobs. During these tough economic times job seekers need more time to find good jobs.

If you have enough time to search for a great job there are still some awesome nanny jobs available. If you walk out on a job, or get laid-off but didn’t pay taxes (so you won’t be able to collect unemployment benefits), there is more urgency to find a job — any job. If you are desperate for work, the salaries being offered may be lower than you are used to in the past.

So, if you are desperate to find a nanny job right now, you really must ask yourself if your salary and benefit demands are competitive with others in the same boat as you.

The fact remains that many parents have lost jobs. I know so many nannies that had to cut back hours at work, or take on a second nanny job to make ends meet when their employers are cut back at their own jobs.

To remain competitive nanny candidates should keep their salary requirements reasonable. Caregivers should speak with all local nanny placement agencies to determine the going rate where they hope to work. Nannies should be flexible and professional when asking for salary and benefits.

Our best advice is to get paid-on-the-books so you can collect unemployment benefits if you are laid-off and if you want a new job, start interviewing while you are still employed. During tough economic times you need more time to find a great job.

Were you laid-off? How long were you unemployed?


  1. Not unemployment, but disability for 6 months. The only thing that separates illegal foreign nannies and American citizens is taxes. If you are paid on the table you can get disability if you get sick or hurt and unemployment if you are laid off. You protect yourself as a citizen by paying taxes because you get services those who don't pay taxes won't.If you are a citizen you are entitled to gov protection of unemployment, disability and social security.But, Americans who don't make their boss submit taxes can't collect those priviledges.

  2. You CAN collect unemployment if you get laid off, but it blows the whistle on your former employers and may mess with your reference. The payment of unemployment taxes is the employer's responsibility so the laid off nanny will be awarded benefits (after a few week delay verifying details) and the family will have to catch up on all Fed and state taxes. Nanny should expect to get a W-2 w/no income taxes taken out, but that is a future worry. When you need to put food on the table, you worry about that later.

  3. Yes and yes! I am still collecting unemployment but also still looking for a job.

  4. This post was really helpful & informative! lots of thanks for sharing..

  5. Yes I was laid off when both of the parents I work for were laid off from their mortgage industry jobs.I was unemployed over a year and thank goodness I had been submitting my taxes! I did look for a job the entire time! I wasn't lazy! I babysat occasionally whenever anyone asked! All of the almost full-time or full-time job interviews didn't offer even as much as I was getting from unemployment so I kept on searching long and hard. I am working again (not happy with the job for many reasons) but glad and relieved to be working!!I would have lost my home had I not had unemployment benefits.Please consider how important being paid on the books ladies! If you are an American it's a benefit of being an American citizen!(I'm not leaving my name I don't want current employers to know I don't like the job. But, again I'm grateful for it so I can't complain to them!)

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