Market Skills, Without Ego Trips

Finding a Nanny Job in Tough Economy

We have been sharing ways to market yourself to help find a nanny job in a tough economy. Today we suggest you market your greatest skills, without sounding arrogant.

You can find nannies that have marketed their specific skills all over the Internet. There are traveling nannies, baby nurses, nannies that specialize in working with multiples, newborn specialists, night nannies, and so on.

But, there’s a big difference between marketing skills and ego trips. If you find yourself too busy bragging about your skills, you may forget about the interviewer. Don’t lose sight of what the interviewer wants: information needed to make a good hiring decision. You must emphasize your skills in a manner that helps them visualize you working for them.

For example, which two statements markets skills better during a nanny interview? “I have worked as a lifeguard and know all about water safety.” Or, “I love to swim. I would love to help Johnny learn to swim.”

Ask yourself what makes you unique in a way that benefits children and parents? Are you comfortable working for children with special needs? Do you have a degree in early childhood education? Let potential parents know what skills you have that will benefit them, while avoiding ego trips.

What makes you stand out from other nannies?


  1. Having a niche can really help one market themselves, but with our economy being what it is, have a few areas that you are eager and able to do. A lot of nannies can label themselves something but having an courses or workshops that are verifiable to support that will give you an edge too. I use my portfolio to market my skills in a generalized way, and then I will seek out families that are looking for someway and let that resume and references speak for themselves. Then I do a lot of reading of their profiles. and listening to parents talk about their kids, and then comeback with how I can customize what I know to fit their children's needs. My advise be knowledgeable on your niche, but don't come into the interview "knowing all the answers" because you don't until you are in that situation, I think letting parents see you think about them is best. A lot of parents will talk about nannies seeming to "polished" and rehearsed. Don't be that.And don't be a cliche. I had to help a mom find a nanny recently and it's amazing to see how many nannies give generic responses like I love kids. Yeah, we all do, it's suppose to be criteria number one. But what makes you unique, that's parents want to see. That is what you need to market.

  2. My degree in early childhood education and experience as a second grade teacher.

  3. Tons of experience.

  4. Being only one of 75 nannies in the US who has taken and passed the INA Nanny Credential Exam.~Andrea – Nanny in NJ

  5. I have to agree here. I must say arrogance is a real problem I have found with college educated nannies I know. (I'm one but still….). Just because your former family thinks you are great doesn't mean it should go to your head. Include "bragging rights" on your resume then be humble in your interview.

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