One-thousand one-hundred and twenty-seven (1,127) in-home childcare providers responded to this monthly online poll at: The complete results are in the nanny trade publication. Below are listed the hourly pay averages from part-time caregivers that participated in the poll. Forty-nine percent (49%) of the caregivers are part-time nannies, 34% are full-time nannies, 8% are sitters, and 8% were nanny industry business owners that answered the poll.

$10 to $13 Average: $11.50
$14 to $20 Average: $16.60
$12 to $19 Average: $15.60
$12 to $15 Average: $13
$10 to $25 Average: $18
$12 to $17 Average: $14.50
$20 to $28 Average: $24
$13 to $18 Average: $16
District Columbia
$15 to $23 Average: $18
$5 to $15 Average: $11.75
$12 to $20 Average: $15.60
$18 to $23 Average: $20
No Responses
$13 to $20 Average: $16.50
$12 to $18 Average: $15
$6.50 to $12 Average: $10
$10 to $15 Average: $12.25
$10 to $15 Average: $12.50
No Responses
$8.50 to $18 Average: $14
$15 to $23 Average: $18.50
$17 to $20 Average: $18.50
$10 to $15 Average: $13.50
$16 to $18 Average: $16.50
No Responses
$10 to $18 Average: $14
$10.50 to $14 Average: $12
$8 to $12 Average: $10
$8 to $18 Average: $12
New Hampshire
$13 to $24 Average: $18
New Jersey
$17 to $25 Average: $20
New Mexico
No Responses
New York
$13 to $25 Average: $19
North Carolina
$12 to $18 Average: $15
North Dakota
$10 to $18 Average: $15
$15 to $23 Average: $19
No Responses
$10 to $25 Average: $14
$13 to $25 Average: $20
Rhode Island
$13 to $20 Average: $15
South Carolina
$10 to $20 Average: $15
South Dakota
$12 to $16 Average: $13
$9 to $14 Average: $10
$14 to $18 Average: $15.75
$10 to $14 Average: $12.50
$15 to $23 Average: $16
$14 to $23 Average: $18
$14 to $18 Average: $16
West Virginia
$12 to $23 Average: $19
$10.50 to $24 Average: $15
$14 to $23 Average: $16


  1. I can’t believe I started babysitting for a dollar an hour! We’ve come a long way!

  2. Part-time nannies need to negotiate their rates and benefits just as full-time employees. I think nannies are starting to work two part-time jobs more frequently now than just one full-time job as parents that are nanny employers are losing their jobs during the recession.

  3. I am a nanny and subscriber and I leave my copy of the newsletter out to share with the parents I work for. I just wanted to tell the publisher that I appreciated the poll about part-time rates. I got a raise. I am sure sharing the part-time rates didn’t hurt my raise. Thanks, Diane in NJ

  4. Is there a way we can we see an archive of this issue? I think it’s super important in this struggling economy to see what rates nannies still can make. I typially only find information about full-time nannies and it’s good to know other people want to work part-time like me. Let’s face it to be a full-time nanny is too much for a typical person. 50 hours or more a week is not appealing. I like working part-time. Nice to know you thought of us less talked about but very common part-time caregivers. Part-time is perfect for me.

  5. Awwww man, I clearly don’t make enough. What about us dopes that are in our first live-in nanny job and used a web site to find our jobs and are being wwwaaayyyy under paid? Too late now I already signed the contract. I’ll only be here a year. I’ll suck it up. Now I feel dumb for accepting to be so under paid.Kelly from midwest

  6. What about charging for mileage in addition to the hourly? I’m in CA and only paid $12.00 per hour and I use my own car for transporting ther children with NO reimburment! This is 2 children part time. Probably 12-15 miles a day! Can I ask for mileage?

  7. I think the above post about gas mileage might be in the wrong place but your question just arrived in my email.Re: gas mileage. Absolutely! It is the law. Employers must pay to reimburse the MILES not hours. You log the MILES you drive and then hand in those MILES at the end of the week and the parents pay you the $0.55 x MILES and they add that to the amount you are paid.But, if the parents offer an average each week than that might be acceptable. Just log the miles for a few weeks to ensure they are reimbursing you fairly.

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