International Nanny Association Salary Survey

The 2009 International Nanny Association Salary Survey is based on the year 2008. Six hundred and sixty seven (667) in-home child care providers responded to the survey. The respondents included nannies, traveling nannies, temporary nannies, newborn care specialists, doulas, and governesses.

The summary of the report can be found at:

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  1. It would have been better to link experience and no experience and live out vs live in with each salary. A bar chart or something of that nature would have made this easier to read and understand.The salaries are so low and that’s because I guess they are lumping in live ins with live outs, 18 yr olds with no experience and 40 yr olds with 20 yrs experience, and college degree and no education, and great references vs no references all together. I feel the survey brings high slaries down and live in, no experience nannies up. I work in New York City and obviously the salaries ar higher here since the cost of living is higher here than in middle America. I just feel like the salaries are extrememly low from my friends and I. Even live-in nannies in Manhattan area make more than live-outs in other parts of the country.

  2. I agree with englishnannyny above but at the same time it isn’t easy getting 600+ nannies to answer anything. So, good job! At least we get an idea of what nannies are making around the country. But, as I hear all the time, the average salaries are much much lower than experienced professional nannies make. And, for parents: you get what you pay for!Julia, Newark NJ

  3. I think it’s very complete and has a lot of information actually. You cannot blame the survey for low salaries if the nannies answered acuratley than it is accurate.

  4. My suggestion is for them to contact the 3 big nanny(household employee) payroll services. That way they’d get an accurate and morecomplete survey.

  5. The only problem with the last suggestion in comments is that it is estimated that 80% to 90% of nannies do not pay taxes.

  6. True-And I am not interested in learning about nannies who are paid illegally. And would hope that the INA did NOT include them in their survey.I know many nannies/families do things under the table. And IMO- those who choose to do things illegally are not REAL nannies.Sorry, if that offends anyone.But anyone who is paid off the books as a nanny is bringing the profession down. And should be referred to as a “Babysitter” not a nanny. A nanny is someone who is mature enough to know you PAY TAXES like an adult.If you are paid under the table- you are not acting in a professional manner. How can you go into an interview and tell them what you can bring to their family and then say- “Oh I want to be paid off the books”.Same things for families- who pay off the books…You think you are going to be respected fully by a family who choses to do things illegally?Some may say yes, but for the family to want to break the law and have you break it as well-shows disrespect to me right from the beginning.If they chose to do that one BIG thing illegally-how can you ever bring up any other issues?Such as being paid the Fed. Rate for gas re-imbursement? or paid vacations/sick days?Nannies please, respect yourselves and don’t settle for any less than you deserve. Taking care of children is an important job and don’t ever let anyone tell you different!

  7. It comes back to if the parents break the law and do not submit taxes for their domestic employees you do not think they will do something illegal or unethical during the time you work for them? Everyone knows you must submit taxes and it is illegal not to. You know they won’t be giving you health insurance if they do not even submit taxes!Mary in Boston

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