$95 Won’t Convince Nannies to Buy Health Insurance

Nannies that Don’t File Taxes Won’t Be Able to Get Government Subsidized Health Insurance (But They Might Qualify for Medicaid) Here are the State-by-State Premiums Under the Health Care Law published in the New York Times. I’ve often tried to explain the benefits of paying taxes to nannies who prefer to be paid in cash. […]

Obamacare and Nannies: Sign-Up Time for Obamacare

Open enrollment for the Affordable Care Act begins October 1, 2013. All uninsured Americans will be required to have insurance coverage as of January 1, 2014. The Affordable Care Act (ACA), provides a new way to buy insurance through a health insurance marketplace so can you easily compare insurance options. If you have health insurance […]

September To-Do List: Do You Have Health Insurance?

Responsibility, Reform, Research Earlier this year we presented a series that highlighted the year-to-year changes mandated by new health care laws. Click here to see a summary of the series or enter “health care reform” in our search engine. You should be aware that these newly enacted laws and regulations do not form a socialist […]

Reflections on Health Care for Nannies

By Polly PsiImage from ProCon.org Over the past few weeks we have attempted to take a sober look at the complex and voluminous health care legislation and to present a clear and simple timeline of changes to take effect during the process of implementation. Discarding the hyperbole and demagoguery of political operatives, we found a […]


What Should a Nanny Interested in Obtaining Health Insurance Do? By Richard A. Eisenberg, CLUY, ChFC, CLTC of Eisenberg Associates Health insurance options for nannies as they exist right now. Everyone interested in health insurance has been following the national debate on health reform. Nannies have a special interest in the outcome, since almost all […]

Nannies and Healthcare Reform Part IV

The Elderly and Death PanelsBy Polly Sci We have been discussing healthcare reform. Changes in Medicare could alter how seniors use healthcare services, at least as outlined in House versions of the bill. Current proposals attempt to promote preventive services and medical screenings by eliminating co-payments for those services. The purpose of this approach is […]

Healthcare Reform and Nannies Part III

Will Illegal Immigrants and Young Adults Have Coverage?By Polly Psi During the 2008 Presidential campaign the daughter of a Vice Presidential candidate became an unwed mother. As an unwed teen mother, she was covered by her parents’ health insurance. The unwed teen father was probably covered by his parents’ health insurance. But, the teen’s baby […]

Healthcare Reform for Nannies Part II

What About Death Panels? What About the Disabled?By PollyPsi Today we will continue our discussion of proposed healthcare changes that we started last week (click here to see article last week) by focusing on how a revised system might impact a typical family. Recently, a well known former United States Vice Presidential candidate stated that […]

Healthcare Reform and Nannies

Nannies have been emailing and calling Be the Best Nanny Newsletter asking to clarify what President Obama’s speech last night about healthcare reform meant. One nanny said on our voicemail, “I am more confused now than before.” Currently our October 2009 Be the Best Nanny Newsletter monthly poll (which can be found on the top, […]

Should Nannies Purchase Discount Prescription Drug Cards?

Are Discount Prescription Drug Cards a Form of Affordable Health Insurance? By Dante Lee In all likelihood, you have probably seen them – whether you are at Walgreens, CVS, or any various pharmacy across America, discount prescription drug programs seem to be offered everywhere. You can peruse an array of discount prescription programs online, and […]