Healthcare Reform and Nannies Part III

Will Illegal Immigrants and Young Adults Have Coverage?
By Polly Psi

During the 2008 Presidential campaign the daughter of a Vice Presidential candidate became an unwed mother. As an unwed teen mother, she was covered by her parents’ health insurance.

The unwed teen father was probably covered by his parents’ health insurance.

But, the teen’s baby was not likely covered by her grandparents’ insurance. The baby would need to be covered by insurance purchased by the teen mother.

Under proposed healthcare changes, the baby, mother, and father, whether living as a family unit or not, could purchase or be subsidized to purchase “public option” insurance.

But, what if the baby’s father was an illegal immigrant? If the baby was born in the United States he would be a United States citizen regardless of the status of the parents as citizens. And that baby would get entitled to all the benefits of a citizen.

Even though all proposals for healthcare changes prohibit insurance for illegal immigrants, there are circumstances where they would get care even if they lack insurance or credit worthiness. For example, if the father were an illegal immigrant and became seriously ill and went to a hospital emergency room, the hospital would be legally obligated to provide treatment regardless of his citizenship or ability to pay.

Currently, American children are covered by their parent’s health insurance policies possibly until they are 20-years-old to a maximum of 25-years-old. Current proposals could increase the age of coverage to 35-years-old.

Stop by tomorrow for a discussion about the elderly and “death panels.”

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  1. Thanks for explaining this clearly for nannies.FranColumbus OH

  2. The problem still exists between pro life and pro choice in this discussion of health care reform. You can't sway anyone on this topic of abortion. Thanks for the explanation but I don't think it will sway anyone's vote because pro lifers are so passionate. Ironically, I am pro choice but also pro life as most who vote pro choice. We don't like abortions and agree with teaching kids abstinence and safe sex but the topic goes deeper including helping sick mothers.

  3. As a Russian immigrant when I was a child who has become a citizen as an adult I think that immigrants deserve to purchase health insurance too. Everyone except native Americans are immigrants to this country. We make up the country.Claudie=a

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