Covid-19 Addendum for Nanny Contracts

Protect Your Income During the Pandemic

Coronavirus is stressful for everyone, including nannies and their employers.

I have nanny and au pair friends in conflict with the parents that employ them about social distancing. Disagreements about coronavirus safety measures have caused some caregiver friends to quit long-term jobs they previously loved. I have also heard of parents firing their domestic employees over the same issues.

I highly recommend you not be naive and assume your nice employers won’t temporarily lay you off without income if you get sick, or a member of their family tests positive for Covid-19. Add a coronavirus addendum to your work agreement if you haven’t already.

I found the following Agreement for Nanny Work During the Coronavirus Pandemic from Hand in Hand a Domestic Employers Network. Although this site is published for domestic employers, not employees, nannies are protected in the paperwork as well. This form is a great way to start the discussion about expectations by both parties about social distancing and hygiene during the pandemic. It also ensures the nanny will be paid if either party must quarantine due to coronavirus. This agreement even requires employers pay for safe transportation to work and pay higher rates for putting the nanny at risk for contacting the virus.

Lora Brawley of the A to Z Nanny Contract has a Covid-19 Addendum ready to purchase on her website. It ensures the nanny is paid whether the employee or the family that employs them must quarantine.

Don’t assume your employers will reward your many years of service when you, or a member of their family, get sick. Negotiate a coronavirus addendum to add to you work agreement as soon as possible.

1. Hand In Hand the Domestic Employers Network at
2. A to Z Nanny Contract

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