Story Cubes

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Story cubes are similar to dice with various images on them. Their primary goal has been to help writers to come up with story ideas. But they can be used in various ways to build creativity, story-telling skills, and to role-play. My Nanny Kid and I used them to make up our own games.

I found this Story Cubes link to make printable dice with images or text on each face of the dice. You can print one or two dice at a time and even mix and match text and images. I used these with my 10-year-old nanny kid to make up a fun games of making up stories.

You can choose to print dozens of images or text of animals, rooms of the the house, body parts, buildings, foods, countries, and people. Adjectives include colors, shapes, weather, and feelings. Verbs include chores, cooking, sports, exercise, and many other activities.

Make Up Story: To play Story Cubes we use three dice to make an introduction, three dice for story development, and three dice for the conclusion.

Role-Playing Activity: For this activity, you need two players. Each player has their own character cube. They both roll their cubes and whatever character is facing upwards, they will need to pretend to talk like their character to each other. This is great for developing dialogue, communication skills, and as a script-writing activity.

You Will Need:

Paper cube template (ideally printed on card)
Pen or black fine marker
Coloring materials
Paste or tape

What to Do:

1. Print out the dice and paste them together.

2. Play the games listed above or make up some of your own.

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