Free Nanny Webinar – Nanny Taxes: Facts, Fiction and Conversation How-Tos

Thursday, February 17th7:30 PM EST / 4:30 PM PST

Presenters: Tom Breedlove and Lora Brawley

In the first part of this webinar Tom Breedlove, a top nanny tax expert, will provide a comprehensive look at the what, when and why of nanny taxes. He’ll answer attendees’ questions in user-friendly language and provide helpful resources to share with employers.

In the second part Lora Brawley, owner of, will tackle the challenge of talking with parents about being paid legally. She’ll share tips and techniques for bringing up this often difficult subject, whether in the interview stage or after being on the job for years. Lora will help attendees script conversation starters tailored to their unique situation and offer simple, effective responses to common “why we pay off the books” reasoning.

ABOUT THE PRESENTER: Tom Breedlove is a Partner at Breedlove & Associates, the leading payroll and tax firm in the highly-specialized household employment arena. Tom received a Business degree from the University of Texas in 1985, with a focus in Finance and Accounting. He leads Breedlove & Associates’ education and outreach efforts – helping placement agencies, accountants, financial managers, families and employees understand the unique household tax and employment laws.

It’s free! Click here to register.


  1. Hmmm too bad I work still at that time. Do they ever have them on weekends? That might work better for me.

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