What Do Parents See When They Google Your Name?

What are the Most Inappropriate Things for Nannies and Au Pairs to Post Online? 

Earlier this week we shared stories of four nannies that were fired from their jobs from what they posted on Facebook and for spending too much on Facebook during work hours. But, you shouldn’t just be careful about what you post on Facebook, you need to be careful what you post anywhere on the Internet.


One of the first things most employers do when they receive your resume is

Google your name. Before applying for nanny jobs it’s best to google your name and see what potential employers will see.   

 When you google your name do you see?

  • Sexy photos of yourself in bathing suits, lingerie, or sexually suggestive photos?
  • Do you see any photos of yourself partying and drinking alcohol?
  • Do you see comments of political hate speech you have made after googling your name?
  • Did you make any comments on blogs or under articles that rant and rave or bully others?

If you find comments or images of yourself that would be seen as unattractive to your current or potential employers, K Jessie Austin wrote an article, How to Manipulate What Employers See When They Google Your Name, that shares a few tips on how to improve your image on the Internet.

This article explains that you can’t delete what you find on the Internet but you can create more positive content, If you find information on the Internet that is unattractive K Jessie Austin suggests creating a web site with your name as the domain name such as www.yournamehere.com. Or start a free blog on WordPress.com or Blogspot.com.

Be sure to click here to see more tips the article suggests for manipulating what employers see when they google your name.

What do you see when you google your name? What are the worst things for nannies and au pairs to post on the Internet?


  1. I just don't understand why anyone would post suggestive photos online. Any worker at any job has to protect what their boss or hope to be boss sees on the Internet.

  2. Parents see my professional child care image. They might see who I support as a president candidate, but they don't see me saying bad things about other candidates. They will find my professional photo and not photos of the kids I work for.

  3. This is one of the most important topics for every worker. I just can't beleive when I see nannies posting photos on FB kissing, drinking, partying, in bikinis, or photos of kids that aren't their own. Then there's the flaming comments that are horrible too. I'm just astounded that nanny agencies and job posting web sites don't warn us of these things constantly!

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