50 Years of Clifford the Big Red Dog

Norman Bridwell’s Clifford Collection

I love going to the library with the two-year-old in my care each week. She loves the library.

But I was thrilled when she announced that she wanted to borrow Clifford books on our way to the library this week. Lucky for us, it also just happens to be Clifford’s the Big Red Dog’s 50th anniversary.

Norman Bridwell’s Clifford Collection celebrates the 50th anniversary of Clifford the Big Red Dog. This collection contains the first six stories that were originally published between 1963 and 1977 about a little girl, Emily Elizabeth, and her big red dog, Clifford. The books also includes a letter from Bridwell to the reader in which he explains how he came to write and illustrate the Clifford books.

This book is slightly larger than the typical eight-inch by eight-inch Clifford book, measuring at about a nine-inch square. It has a lovely cover with red foil and matte and spot gloss. The illustrations in this book have limited color so Clifford’s fur isn’t solid red in this book.

This book includes these six stories:

1. Clifford the Big Red Dog
2. Clifford at the Circus
3. Clifford Gets a Job
4. Clifford Takes a Trip
5. Clifford’s Good Deeds
6. Clifford’s Tricks

Check out Clifford’s Big Ideas that are the basis for Scholastic’s BE BIG national campaign. The BIG IDEAS are: Share, Help Others, Be Kind, Be Responsible, Play Fair, Be a Good Friend, Believe in Yourself, Have Respect, Work Together, and Be Truthful. Clifford is the perfect symbol because, while the stories about him show his kindness and good heart, like most small children with good intentions, Clifford is not perfect. It is much easier to love (and learn from) a character who tries his best than one who always does everything right.


  1. I never really liked Clifford books until I saw a librarian read them at storytime in celebration of the 50th anniversary. I wasn't reading the books properly. Seeing how the kids loved the book helped me to finally like Clifford. I respect librarians now! One helped me appreciate Clifford.

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