More Reality in Episode Two of "Beverly Hills Nannies"

“Beverly Hills Nannies” partying on a work night Nannies, Do You Have a Back-Up Plan if You Can’t Make it to Work? Call me crazy I love watching “Beverly Hills Nannies.” Important topics of working with pretentious employers, if nannies should go out and drink on a work night, how to ask for a great hourly rate, […]

Milk Banks: Safe Alternative to Wet Nurses

How a Mother Who Cannot Breast Feed Can Still Give the Baby Breast Milk We have all heard that “breast is best.” Before infant formula was invented wet nurses helped nourish  babies who couldn’t be nursed by their biological mother. But, in the 1980’s, it was discovered that AIDS and other viruses could be transferred in […]

Coping with Homesickness for Au Pairs and Live-in Nannies

Do You Ever Feel Homesick? Psychologists consider moving to be one of the major stresses in life. Leaving behind friends, familiar places, and activities creates anxiety for everyone. It is helpful for nannies and au pairs that are moving to another town to work as a live-in nanny or au pair to remember that the […]

Is it Possible to Find a Nanny Job Online Without Your Employer Finding Out?

How to Find a Job While You Have a Job We usually recommend that job seekers find a new nanny job before quitting their current job. If you try to find a job with the help of a nanny agency they will honor your wish to be discrete while you are interviewing for jobs. But, when using […]

Book Reviews For Kids By Kids

The Lightening Thief by Rick Riordan Review by Camila 10-Years-Old Percy Jackson and the Olympians: Lightning Thiefis a book about a boy named Percy Jackson. Percy doesn’t study much because he has dyslexia and gets in a lot of trouble in school and gets kicked out of school. After getting expelled he has to go […]

Is it Okay to Use Leashes for Kids?

Are Child Harnesses Cute or Cruel? In the past I’ve seen parents and caregivers use harnesses with their children in public. When used properly the harnesses are actually cute. When I’ve seen the harnesses used it never appeared as if the adult was walking the child like a dog. The harness was loose, the harness looks […]

"Beverly Hills Nannies" is as Real as it Gets

Nannies Expose Taboo Topics  Like it or not, this is what nannies are talking about. The first episode of Beverly Hills Nannies on ABC Family discussed all the most difficult topics nannies privately gossip about but are too afraid to discuss publicly in the fear that they would lose their jobs if their employers heard […]

Why Nannies Should Not Walk Out on Their Job

Leaving a Job Professionally Ensures Good References By Maria Lopez, Nanny, Miami FL I have prided myself on being the best career nanny I could be for over a decade. I have a college degree, have worked for each family for a long time, and I have wonderful written references. But, I made one huge […]

What Not to Include on Your Nanny Profile

10 Things That Aren’t Appropriate for a Nanny Profile by Although nanny web sites are a convenient way to apply for nanny jobs there are many safety concerns when using the Internet to find a job. You don’t want to provide too much personal information online. Always remember that when using a nanny web […]

Do Parents Prefer to Hire Younger or Older Nannies?

photo from Is There Age Discrimination for Nannies Looking for Jobs? Whether the age of a nanny candidate effects their chance of getting a nanny job is a topic I try to avoid because I abhor stereotypes of people of different ages in the workplace. But, recently a nanny friend did mention to me […]