More Reality in Episode Two of "Beverly Hills Nannies"

“Beverly Hills Nannies” partying on a work night

Nannies, Do You Have a Back-Up Plan if You Can’t Make it to Work?

Call me crazy I love watching “Beverly Hills Nannies.” Important topics of working with pretentious employers, if nannies should go out and drink on a work night, how to ask for a great hourly rate, and having back-up plans when the nanny is sick or cannot make it to work are exposed in the second episode.

I thought nanny Justin was shallow in the first episode. But tonight we see that he was just treating the pretentious mother he worked for in the first show in the same way she was treating him. He wasn’t being respected by his first employer and so he complained and wasn’t very professional in that environment. Tonight, when Justin met a wonderful, big-hearted, divorcing (single) mother we see he is very warm, sincere, flexible, dedicated, and willing to work hard for a family he respects.  We see he truly loves kids and he will go the extra mile for a parent he respects.

We also see an unflattering side to Kristin (the self proclaimed most sought after nanny in Beverly Hills) who gossips way too much and criticizes other nannies that drink too much after hours, but then she does the same.

In this episode Kristin agrees to fill-in for another nanny, Amber, who cannot make it to work. Kristin says in the show that having a nanny group is a great way to have back-up in case a nanny cannot make it to her job. Then, after a night of drinking Kristin doesn’t show up for the job we assume because she is hung over.

In my 19-years of working as a nanny I never had a back-up plan in case I am sick or cannot make it to work. In fact, even on days I was hospitalized one parent had to stay home from work and work from home to care for their kids in my absence.

Do you have a back-up plan in case you cannot make it to work?


  1. I don’t nanny any longer, but both my sister and I use to nanny and we never had back up nannies if we were sick. It must be nice! I suppose this is more common with large nanny companies. I appreciated this show in that we saw that Justin was simply responding to how the mother was treating him. Getting along with the parents is such an important part of the bigger picture of being the best nanny. I’m glad my coworker at Dish suggested this show because so far it has been entertaining. I love that I can set up a timer for it to record, through my phone using the Dish Remote Access app. It saves me so much time and if I wanted I could also watch the recording or live show on my phone.

  2. I'm a child care provider in a facility, so we deal with some of the same things, but not entirely. Pretentious parents, but only for a few moments a day and not in the home. I am considering working for myself (rather working privately for a family) as a nanny. I'm wondering how authentic what I'm seeing is to use as a point of reference. Anyone who is experienced have any advice for me?

  3. I prefer working as a nanny anonymous. Nannies only have to deal with one set of parents when in daycare you have all different types of parents who all have different wants and needs. I recommend a great work agreement to protect yourself.

  4. I worked in a facility for a few months but don't like how you can't become very close with the children because of how many there are. Now, I work as a nanny for a high profile family and its 1000x better! The beverly hills nanny show is extremely realistic, at least in my case. Although I work in the NYC life of nannies so some things differ. I love working for ONE set of parents and really becoming extremely close with ONE set of children.

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